3 favourites:eye brushes!

I don't think I've really talked about makeup brushes that much on here before. I've only really started becoming interested in makeup tools in the past few years. In the past I would just use any old brush, which although does the job, I really believe that the right kind of tools can perfect a look.
Today, I'm going to briefly talk about three of my favourite eye brushes.

The MAC 217 blending brush £17 can be used for blending or shading. I love this brush as its blends shadow like a dream, buffing the product into the skin to give a more natural finish. It washes really well and is super soft. Although it is expensive, the overall quality is very high.

I typically generally use the Sigma E55 eye shading brush $9 to apply a wash of colour to the lid, although its small enough to apply colour to the crease. It a soft but dense brush,allowing even application. I think Sigma brushes are really good quality for the price and a more affordable option to MAC.

My all time favourite liner brush is the Sigma E05 eye liner brush $9 which I use with MAC fluidline gel liner. Hands down, they are the most foolproof combo ever!I struggle to get an even line with most brushes and liners but the E05 just makes it so easy to apply. Love!

If you're interested in Sigma there is currently 10% with code DEAL2012 here

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  1. Love MAC brushes. I've had some of mine for years and with regular washing they are still like brand new

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  2. Sigma brushes are my favorite!, great blog, I love it!<3


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