Guest Post: Favourite Five Nail Polishes!

Today I have a fab guest post to share with you by the lovely Clare from Happy Go Lucky. Make sure you check out her blog here!

Hi, its Clare from Happy Go Lucky here, when Zoe from the Beauty Shelf asked for guest posts I jumped at the chance and after talking to Zoe (who is lovely by the way!) we decided to focus the post on one of my favourite beauty items which is nail polish.

First of all is Barry M, this brand has taken the UK market by storm since launching in 1982 and I am sure most people have heard about them. Their polishes are generally a good quality with lots of variety and for the price tags of between £2.99 - £4.99 you can’t really complain! Here I have chosen the lovely coral and summery shade of Peach Melba, it is a tad bright but it is a good consistency, the photos here are with two coats.
No. 7 Stay Perfect Polish, this is a slightly more expensive polish which retail at £7.50 (I normally wait for the No.7 vouchers to bring the price down to around £2.50). They have some lovely rich colours and I think generally are more suited towards winter with burgundies, browns, greys, teal and golds. The shade in the photos is the gorgeous Winter Tale, this has a great formula and is opaque with two coats.

From the most expensive to the cheapest, Natural Collection was a brand that I turned to when I was much younger due to the price tag. They retail at around £1.99 but their range is quite limited to the shimmery pinks, corals and blues. Whilst not entirely to my taste I found a brilliant addition to my collection in the form of Hibiscus. This is the nicest to apply by far, it is opaque after two coats although would be fine with one and takes very little clearing up afterwards applying.
Models Own is a brand which I only recently started fawning over, and it was completely initiated by Ibiza Mix polish which was part of the Hed Kandi range. I have never seen a more beautiful glitter polish, it has lovely colours in it and different shapes. It looks great over all colours and I like to use it on an accent nail. They are £5 each but are often on offer and so I like to wait for those to pop up and then buy.
Lastly is Rimmel’s I Love Lasting Finish Sweet as Sugar, this is pastel shade which I wear when I want a light coloured nail but without the brashness of white. It is a duck egg blue, almost white, however it does have the worst formula of the five, it took three coats and still is slightly see through in parts. I think for the price of £2.99 you can find better quality at Barry M or Natural Collection. However for its versatility it cannot be faulted as it is really nice with a glittery accent nail or crackle effect over the top.
That’s all from me, I hope you have enjoyed reading and thanks again to Zoe for allowing me to guest post on her blog!

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