Winter Body Ready!

The cold weather really takes it toll on my skin, not just my face but also my body. I'm currently using a variety of products to try and keep my skin in good condition.

Whilst I have oily skin facially, I generally have the opposite problem with the rest of my body. The cold weather outside and the heating blasting indoors isn't helping. I've been using the Jergens original beauty lotion in cherry almond* which is an incredibly moisturising body lotion. It sinks it really quickly to leave soft,smooth skin and the spicy cherry scent is perfect for winter.

If I feel I need a little extra moisturisation on my legs then I use the Nip and Fab Dry Leg Fix which is quite an intense moisturiser. I'm not really keen on the smell as its a little medicinal but it helps to keep dry skin at bay.

Soap and Gory Heel Genius foot cream is a product I generally use at night. Feet tend to be an area that can be neglected and I've definitely been guilty of that in the past. I've been using heel genius after using a ped egg to get rid of the really dry skin on my heels - sounds oh so glamourous.
I really like the smell of heel genius,its exactly what you would expect from soap and glory!

For hands, I use Di Palomo enriching hand and nail cream in white grape. I got this in a beauty box a while ago so its probably not something I may have picked out for myself but its really amazing. A really lovely smelling hand cream that moisturises and sinks in quickly without that greasy feeling. love.

I've mentioned the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm before but its an incredible product. I've been applying this at night so I wake up with soft lips in the morning.

The other lip balm I've been loving a lot is Hurraw Night Treatment lip balm. I use this during the day and its smells and tastes so good. I love vanilla scented products and I love that this balm is natural and vegan friendly. I got mine from supersmoocher where Hurraw is currently on offer!

Let me know what products you will be using this winter!



  1. I have the same problem, my face gets rather oily however the rest of me is dry! It's very frustrating! When I slather moisturiser all over me, all I want to do is slap some on my face too.. but I can't lol!
    The Heel Genius sounds beautiful!

  2. I bought this Jergens body lotion over the weekend on offer for less than £2 in Boots. It smells yummy in the bottle but when I slather it on I don't like it so much :( xo

  3. I really want to give the nuxe lip balm a go, it sounds absolutely amazing and I don't think I've ever seen a bad review of it! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. i love the jergens moisturiser but it isnt thick enough for me, but i noticed the other day the have this oat and something elsebody butter... i nearly jumped with joy!


  5. I loveeeee heel genius! Xxx

  6. I love using the soap & glory heel genius, I've started to use it twice a day! Once in the morning and once before bed! :) xxx


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