Haus of Gloi

Just in case you missed my last post and you're wondering who the hell is this on my feed?, I've had a name change and 'the beauty shelf' is now Sweet Electric. 
I've been a little MIA recently, real life has been taking over and I've been a bit occupied with filling in my application for a postgrad course in starting in January. I clicked submit this afternoon so now the nervous wait starts ahhh...
Anyway onto my first Haus of Gloi order. Haus of Gloi are an indie company based in the US. I made an order online and they arrived after a week, which is pretty quick to the UK.

I bought IMP soap and Twice is Nice bubbling scrub.
All Haus of Gloi's products are handmade and cruelty free. IMP comprises passion fruit, apricot, grapefruit juice and wet mimosa blooms. Its a very subtle fragrance, not overly fruity and not too feminine either. The lather is insane, leaving the skin feeling really soft.
Twice is Nice is comprises the scent of sugar cookie, coconut and almond. Its very sweet and smells good enough to eat. The texture is unlike anything I've used before. Bubbling Scrub is a light exfoliating wash comprising sugar and shea butter. The texture looks dry in the pot but its surprisingly quite soft to touch. I don't find the scrub as lathering as the soap but its a nice light scrub and left my skin feeling really smooth.

I paid around £11 for the two including shipping and would definitely recommend having a look on their website here
. snow wolf whipped soap is next on my list to buy - best name for a soap ever!!

Zoe xoxo


  1. ool sounds good, i love coconut xx

  2. This stuff looks amazing! I think it's nice to try something different to LUSH once in a while. I may just have to order some bits for Christmas!

  3. Not a bad price considering they are from the US. I hate bar soaps though I always make a dogs dinner out of them x


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