Back to basics: makeup brushes for the face!

If there's one thing I've bought a lot of this year, its make up brushes. Before blogging and reading tonnes of blogs, I never bothered too much with brushes. I had a few cheap and cheerful ones but I would pretty much just slap my makeup on and dash out of the door.
Reading blogs and watching youtube videos on makeup application made me realise it might be worth investing in some good quality brushes and spend more time applying my makeup to make it look natural and flawless.
Real Techniques foundation brush/core collection kit/powder brush

Real techniques brushes need no introduction. Not only are they good quality but they are affordable and super soft. They are also colour coded - gold represents base brushes, pink for finishing your look and purple for eyes.

The core collection comprises four brushes and carry case (not pictured) ;
*contour brush - used for bronzer or blusher.
*detailer brush - I use to apply and blend concealer on small areas
*buffing brush - buffing foundation or powder into the skin
*pointed foundation brush - applying foundation around the nose, eyes and mouth.

The angled foundation brush, I find is too small for applying foundation so I use to apply a contour powder (nyx taupe shadow) and then blend with the contour brush from the core collection.

The powder brush is the perfect size for applying a setting powder over the entire face. It blends powder seamlessly and evenly.

Real techniques blush and stippling brush

Real techniques blush brush is a rounded, slightly tapered brush. Whilst its extremely soft, I do think its slightly on the larger size for applying blush.

The stippling brush is the real gem of the real techniques range. I use this brush to apply my estee lauder double wear light foundation. I buff in my foundation and it literally creates a flawless, airbrushed finish. The best brush I own!!

EcoTools blush/blending brush (part of five piece set)//bronzing brush

The EcoTools blush and blending brushes are from the five piece brush set. I bought mine from Ebay here. I can't be sure if they are 100% genuine as they are so cheap to buy but I am very happy with them. They are super soft and they wash easily without shedding. I also bought the EcoTools Bronzing brush from Ebay here. Again I'm not sure of authenticity but this is a lovely brush for applying highlighter or bronzer. For the price both are worth buying.

Sigma round kabuki/angled kabuki/precision tapered/angled contour

I've been building up my collection of Sigma brushes. I find them to be as good quality as MAC but with a cheaper price tag.
The f82 round kabuki* is a dense brush used to buff foundation or powder into the skin.
The f84 angled kabuki is a brush I use to apply cream blush to my cheeks. The thickness of the brush makes it ideal to buff and blend cream blusher into the skin.
The p86 precision tapered is a brush I use to apply and blend concealer to areas around the nose and mouth. Its a very sturdy brush which makes it ideal for those areas but this is the least soft brush of the sigma ones I own.
The f40 large angled contour can be used for blush and bronzer. This is probably the softest brush I own. I've been using this to apply Illamasqua naked rose blush.

Do you own any of these brushes?


  1. I really need to try out the Real Technique brushes!!

    1. they are really good quality xx

  2. Great post, i love real techniques but i really want to try sigma brushes too :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. they are lovely brushes xx

  3. I think you have just persuaded me to buy new make up brushes, I too just slap my make up on & head for the door! So, thanks x

  4. I love the Real Techniques brushes, I have the core kit and the eye kit. Ive had my eye on some of the individuals for a while though!

    I have the flat top kabuki from Sigma and i love it :) You've inspired me to invest more into them! :P



  5. You have a lovely make up brush collection - I certainly need to expand mine! RT core collection and the blush brush are next on my list x

  6. I've been wanting the Eco Tools bronzer brush for a while! x

    1. its a really good brush xx

  7. That's a lot of new brushes! Hehe. I love the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and have the Core Collection on order.

    Now following :)

    Louise x

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