Best of 2012: Part 2

So its almost the end of another year and I've put together my favourite products of the 2012. It was quite difficult to choose my most loved items in certain categories so I've decided to pick things based on quality and price. These products are not necessarily newly launched but discoveries I've made this year. I've also not included my holy grail items as I love them regardless. I've split my favourites into two parts to avoid this being too lengthy. You can view part 1 here. Today is make up tools, facial skincare, body, hair and fragrance.

Best Makeup Tools

Winner: Real Techniques stippling brush
Runner up: Real Techniques powder brush

The real techniques stippling brush has to be one of the best brushes ever. Seriously, this brush is amazing!It creates a flawless base and buffs in foundation like a dream.
The real techniques powder brush is one that I use every day for applying my mattifying powder. Its a large size brush so perfect for application. Real techniques are also cruelty free!

Best Facial Skincare

Winner: Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser
Runner up: Murad Cleansers

The superdrug naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser (reviewed here) is possibly my bargain find of the year. Its a lovely creamy cleanser that leaves sin soft and glowing. A cheap alternative to liz earles hot cloth cleanser.
Thanks to beauty boxes, I got some samples of Murad skincare to try. I love both the AHA exfoliating and time release blemish cleansers. They both leave the skin looking bright and clear. I will definitely be looking into buying the full size versions.

Best Bodycare

Winner: Vichy Body Cream-Milk
Runner up: Soap & Glory Heel Genius

My best bodycare discovery of 2012 has to be Vichy Body cream -milk. This rose scented body moisturiser not only smells amazing but drys quickly to leave skin super soft and moisturised.
I also love Soap & Glory heel genius. A lovely smelling foot cream that moisturises feet and softens hard skin.

Best Haircare

Winner: Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Treatment
Runner up: Redken Extreme Anti-snap

I bought the sexy hair soy renewal treatment after my hairdresser used it on me as a styling treatment (to smooth dry hair). I also use on damp hair before blow drying. As it contains argan oil, it leaves my hair feeling incredibly nourished and soft and shiny. A definite must have.
I also love the Redken Anti-snap which can also be used before applying heat to the hair. It smells amazing and my hair feels much stronger since I stated using it.

Best Fragrance

Winner: Boss Orange
Runner up: Daisy Eau So Fresh

I got Hugo boss orange free with a magazine subscription. I probably wouldn't have considered buying it otherwise as I expected a synthetic orange fragrance. In reality, the scent is a gorgeous subtle floral fruity fragrance. Definitely one I will repurchase again for daytime wear.
I also adore Marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh. I would describe this as a 'deeper' version of the original daisy. Slightly heavier but still a lovely scent.

What products have you loved in 2012?


  1. I have to agree with you on the Real Techniques brushes, they are an absolute godsend - you don't actually realise how much better your makeup looks using them until you try them!


  2. What a lovely post Zoe. I haven't tried the RT stippling brush yet but all their other brushes are amazing so I might be picking up another one soon :) I blame you x

    1. thanks sandra haha x

  3. I've just started using the Superdrug cleanser and I totally agree! A friend of mine had also tried the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and actually prefers the Superdrug version by a country mile!

    Have a great 2013 when it arrives :)

    Christina xo

    1. thanks christina x

  4. Hugo boss orange is by far one of my favorites :)

  5. Love Real techniques too! But my favorite is setting brush for highlighter or powder under the eyes :)

    1. I will have to get the setting brush,sounds good x

  6. I love the bottle for the Daisy Eau So Fresh, never seen that before, how many mls is it?X

    1. 20mls,I'm not sure if it was a limited edition bottle though? I bought mine from buyapowa x

  7. The hair renewel treatment sounds great. My hair gets so dry in the winter. And the pic of the two products you took turned out great.

  8. Absolutely love Boss Orange, one of my favourite scents! So glad I discovered your page x

  9. I got the Core Collection and the Stippling Brush from Real Techniques a few days ago - I fell in love with the Stippling Brush straight away, it's amazing!


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