Beauty Deals and Steals: How to save money!

When it comes to buying beauty products, I like to think that I'm quite savvy at spotting the latest deals and saving money where I can. Even when it comes to buying higher end beauty.
Today, I'm going to share a few tips on how to find fab beauty offers and save as much money as possible.

1. Forums

When it comes to finding really good deals on the Internet (not just for beauty products) one site I always check and have bookmarked is the moneysavingexpert forums - Quick grabbit while you can board
Another is hot deals uk which is another site where users post deal they have found.
Though it is worth pointing out that you have to be pretty quick a lot of the time once a deal is posted and becomes popular.

2. Discount code sites

Similar to above, both moneysavingexpert (here) and hduk have current discount codes posted on their sites.
Another site is voucher codes
Also, if you have favourite retailers its worth following their twitter and facebook pages and signing up to their mailing lists as many post offers in this way.

3. Cashback sites

Cashback sites are a great way to get money back from your online shopping. Cashback sites work in that you register to their site, click the link of the site you want to purchase from and shop as normal. The amount of cash you earn depends on the retailer and how much you spend. For example, The Body Shop often offers around 18% cash back of your spend. The cashback site tracks your shopping and the amount of cashback you earn. It does take several weeks to redeem your cashback - your spend has to be verified by the retailer, for example in case you return something.
The site I use is topcashback which I've never had a problem with but I know a lot of people use Quidco too.

4. Loyalty/Reward cards

This is a really obvious one but these cards really are worth signing up to and using if you spend money in shops such as Boots and Debenhams (which are the two I use).
With Boots you get 4 points for every pound spent but its well worth checking the advantage card machine as they always have extra offers/points on certain spends.
The debenhams beauty card is probably the one I most use as its where I mainly buy my higher end products.  You get 5 points for every pound spent online and 3 points per pound when you spend £25 or over instore. Theres also free shipping for members online and regular extra points offers.

5. Discount Sites

There are loads of sites online offering beauty products at a reduced price. Some of my favourites are cheap smells and fragrance direct.
Though a lot of discontinued stock is offered on these sites which is something to bare in mind.

6. Ebay and Amazon

Ebay is a huge minefield but there are genuine sellers on there and a lot of good bargains to be had. Liz Earle have an official outlet on there selling stock slightly cheaper than the rrp.
Another seller I would recommend is beautyzone2007 - a US seller stocking genuine china glaze, essie and opi at cheaper prices.
Amazon also have a good selection of beauty products, especially fragrances at reduced prices. I tend to bookmark pages of products and check them every now and then as prices tend to fluctuate, for example, real techniques brushes were reduced before xmas. Also checking the best selling list is a good way to spot offers.

7. Magazine Subscription Gifts

Subscribing to a magazine is a great way to get free beauty products. My favourite site is magazine boutique. There are often deals, such as six issues of glamour for £6 and 12 issues of instyle for £12 plus a free gift. I've had free perfume, skincare and cosmetics. Just make sure you cancel you subscription before the automatic re-subscription starts.

I hope some of these tips were helpful

If you have any moneysaving tips let me know!


  1. great tips! I've always been a bit wary of the cashback sites but it actually sounds really worthwhile :) x

  2. great post, thank you for the tips, they are great, definately going to get a debenhams card!<3

  3. This was a really useful post! The Internet is so helpful really and if you search in the right way you can defo get some great deals :) ill defo be checking out some of the tips you suggested! Xxxx

  4. I love money saving tips! Fab post hun.



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  5. Amazing tips and advice hunni, i already do a lot of these i don't do store loyalty cards though :-/ will definitely look into saving money a bit more as i am quite a bit reckless atm with all my buying :-(


  6. I use Boots Treat Street before I buy online, because you can make Boots points when shopping on eBay and loads of other online stores!

    Ashleigh x

  7. Fab post - I'm always looking for ways to save money on beauty products so these tips are really helpful. I think the Debenhams beauty card is really good too as they usually have offers on where you can get extra bonus points so they add up a lot quicker than the Boots ones.


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