Frederic Fekkai Advanced Shea Butter Pot De Creme

One of my favourite things about this time of year is the winter sales. This year, I've been fairly good. I set myself a budget and decided only to buy things that I would 100% use. Its so tempting when you see things that are reduced to crazy prices but I've tried to be sensible and not buy things just because they're super cheap.

One of the things I bought was the Frederic Fekkai Advanced Shea Butter Pot De Creme (what a mouthful!). It was reduced from £33 to £9.50 at ASOS although its now sold out (its reduced to £16.50 at space nk). Fekkai is a hairdresser to the A-List so I had high expectations.

The pot de creme is a moisturising styling cream that smoothes hair. I use it either on damp hair before blow drying or on dry hair after styling. Its a very rich fruity smelling cream. A little to heavy to be used as a styling cream. I find it works better as a leave in conditioning treatment and I only use a small amount on the ends as a little goes a long way. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and silky.
A new staple in my haircare routine,the original price tag is a little too steep for my purse,however I will definitely purchase again if I can *fingers crossed* find it on offer!


  1. Such a great bargain, ASOS do have some good'uns sometimes don't they! This sounds great!


  2. This sounds lovely xx

  3. This sounds like such a treat product! And you got it for such a bargain price. It's good that you set yourself a budget/rule for the sales. Unfortunately nothing in the sales caught my eyes so I didn't end up buying anything xo

  4. wow what a bargain! I really like fekkai products too especially in the sales lol x

  5. Ooh this sounds so lovely, great review hun! <3

    Jennie xo |


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