Makeup Storage Ideas #1

I've been umming and ahhing for a while over what makeup storage to buy. I know the muji storage is extremely popular but I've been trying to look for cheaper alternatives. Plus, I didn't really want acrylic storage. However, I then spotted a bargain acrylic organiser on Amazon and decided to take the plunge.
The Glam cosmetic organiser has space for 12 lipsticks with a large compartment at the front. There are also sections at the back where I've stored pencils,mascara's etc. 
Its a really sturdy organiser and doesn't look 'cheap' either. Perfect for storing everyday makeup!
I also bought a little cath kidston tumbler - I think its meant to be a small child but its ideal for storing makeup brushes. I think it cost around £2 in the sale. 
I'm still looking for storage for my palettes so if you've got any ideas please let me know!


  1. This is such a great way to store isn't it?!
    My mum bought me this when I first got into makeup and have it since (it's been years!). So its very sturdy! :D
    hareem x

  2. I keep all my eyeshadows in a basket (yes, I have too many haha) underneath my mirror, makes them look a bit more presentable! Need a new lipstick organiser, this one looks perfect!

  3. I really need a lipstick organiser like this one. I have the muji drawers (surprise surprise), but they're bursting at the seams! x

  4. I've seen people using letter holders for their palettes which looks really great! I really can't wait for my acrylic lipstick holders to arrive, yours looks really good! I've also blogged about my storage here: and here: if you wanted anymore inspiration :)

  5. You could use a letter or magazine holder for your palettes!
    Ive got this exact makeup storage thingy!
    I had a look at muji but the shipping to ireland was ridiculous!


    All The Pretty Things

  6. Ahhhh, what a great post. I so need an organizer. Right now I have items thrown into a big basket. And I'm always digging through it to find what I want.

  7. How organised! I really need some make-up organisation, I shall look for this I think! x

  8. definitely need one of these.

  9. I love things like this, I have the bigger version of this and love it so much! :) they're so useful x


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