5 Beauty Products Under £10

I mentioned in the 5 under £5 post (which you can read here) about high street/ aka drugstore gems. There are some brilliant products out there that don't cost the earth. As a continuation of that post I thought I would mention some amazing items that are priced under £10.

1. Witch anti-blemish skin clearing primer - £6.99 (I have seen this on offer for half price before now). I do think this is a really good primer for anyone who suffers from blemishes. Its a light creamy product that soothes the skin whilst helping foundation/your base products to stay put. Whilst I don't think its the best I've used for oil control - I use nip and fab shine fix for my oily t-zone, I use the witch primer when I'm suffering from spots as I find it calms the skin and really helps to clear blemishes up.

2. Revlon nearly naked foundation £8.99. There are a lot of rave reviews out there on this foundation - you can read my review in full here. Its an ultra light foundation that blends seamlessly into the skin, providing weightless coverage. It looks natural and doesn't oxidise. If you have oily skin, you will definitely need to set with a powder but for the price, its one of the better foundations out there.

3. Revlon lip butters £7.99. I did get sucked into the hype when these were released but luckily I really like them. Weightless colour that doesn't dry out the lips - I swatched a few shades here. I know some people do prefer the loreal rouge caresse lipsticks, which are basically their version of these. Whilst I prefer the lip butters, the caresse lipsticks are also a very good product for under a tenner.

4. Essie nail polish £7.99. I think essie are really good quality, though I might have been quite lucky with the shades I've bought. Generally I find they have a good consistency, wear well and there are a good variety of shades available. I usually go to fragrance direct or cheap smells where you can pick them up cheap but they don't tend to have newly released shades.

5. Real techniques brushes from £7.99. Bit of a beauty blogging fail here as I thought the powder brush  I photographed cost £9.99 and not £12.99 but hey ho that what happens when you do don't your research properly. These are really good quality brushes - soft, wash well, don't shed. My favourites would have to be the eye shader which is £7.99 and the blush brush £9.99 - though I think the brush head is slightly too large for the cheeks.

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Great Post. I have wanted to try the nearly naked foundation for a while, think I will now. I already love the lip butters and Essie polishes. xx


  2. I really like the sound of that primer, Might have to investigate it :)

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog! x

  3. Need to pick up the RT blush brush! I really want to try the revlon foundation, but I hate it has no pump

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  4. I've tried Essie polishes and love them, but that's the only one I've tried! I have to say, I am very interested in the Witch anti-blemish primer. Since I've started using primer, I love that my makeup stays on all day (and doesn't need touch ups!) so I've been keeping my eye open for new ones.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I prefer the Boots 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks to the Revlon Lip Butters and they're even cheaper :)

  6. You just made my day by saying the Loreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks are similar to the Revlon Lip Butters. Revlon is not available in Germany and it made me sad, until now.^^ Loreal, here I come. :D

    Lovely post!



  7. Aww your last bit made me laugh :D... I also prefer the butters to the loreal ones.. Great post

    Siobhan xxx


  8. I have every single one of these products haha! I really want to try the new lip butter shades xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. Great post, I love the Revlon lip butters and I can't wait for the new shades to be realised in the UK. x

  10. I just don't understand the hype for the lip butters, but maybe it's only the shade I got (Cupcake)...

  11. I love my Revlon lip butter x

  12. RT brushes are amazing! love posts like this x


  13. I agree about the blush brush I feel like most of the Real Techniques face brushes are just a tiny bit too big xxx

  14. Great picks have the Revlon foundation and Lip butters!

  15. I love Essie polishes, they're gorgeous x

  16. Great picks lovely - I adore everything you've mentioned except for the Witch product but that's only as I've never tried it!

    Hannah http://cagneyandlace.com


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