Algenist Anti-aging Skincare

In a recent Space NK haul, I got sent two algenist sachet samples with my order. One of them was the firming and lifting cream which I loved. However, Space NK tweeted me the price  - a whopping £76. 
Although I'm prepared to splash out if I love something, that's out of my price league right now.
To cut a story short, I looked online and found this little set at QVC.  The Algenist anti-aging set contains a regenerative anti-aging moisturiser 15ml, concentrated reconstructing serum 8ml and complete eye renewal balm 7ml.
As I'm in my late twenties I'm starting to think more about anti-aging skincare. I have a few fine lines but I'm interested in keeping my skin firm and healthy looking. 
I've been using this set for a few weeks and for me The standout item is the eye balm. My under eye area is looking firmer and hydrated. The cream isn't too heavy and it sinks in fairly quickly so its perfect for using in the morning or evening. 
The other two product are nice but I'm not blown away either. My skin is currently more on the combination side - oily t-zone and normal/dry cheeks. The serum is light and sinks into the skin quickly, whereas the moisturiser is on the heavier side. Neither have made my skin any oilier - if anything I would say my skin seems more balanced! I haven't seen any difference in fine lines but my skin seems slightly smoother. 
This set is currently £24.72 here. I would consider buying the full size eye cream but I think there are probably better moisturisers/serums for the price point!

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