NYX Smokey Palette

The Nyx smokey palette is another product I managed to track down on ebay - luckily I found a UK seller and paid around £7 which isn't too bad. The smokey palette was released alongside a natural one - basically nyx's version of urban decays smoked and naked palettes.
The smokey palette features six shades - black with silver sparkles, matte black, dark plum, dark navy, gold-beige and white.
I really wanted to like this palette but sadly it just didn't live up to my hopes. Whilst the texture of the shadows feels soft to touch, they are quite dry - the duds being the first four shades (left to right). The beige and white both had decent pigmentation but the other four were really bad and really hard to blend. I tried them damp too and there was no improvement.
This was such a disappointment, I wouldn't recommend it. I think mua and sleek do similar palettes that  perform better. I still want to try other nyx products - I've heard good things about their lip products, I just might avoid some of their palettes in future.


  1. Thats a shame the shadows weren't that great when swatched as they look really promising in the pan. I agree MUA and Sleek do great palettes!

  2. shame they aren't that pigmented! :( the first colour looks stunning in the palette x


  3. Such a shame this didn't live up to expectations, I've never tried any NYX shadows but I really love their blushes <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. What a shame! It's always so disappointing when products don't live up to much ): x

  5. It's a shame that it doesn't live up to your expectations. I was thinking about getting this but now I am not too sure, the colours don't really look that amazing. It's a really shame.
    Sarah xoxo | Beeauty Geek

  6. Such a shame that the shadows aren't that pigmented :( NYX cheek products are also said to be good, not that I've tried them but heard only good things about them :)


  7. The shades in this palette look great but what a shame that the eyeshadows were dry and hard to blend! They don't look pigmented either which is quite a disappointment!


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