2 Free Blogger Templates!

Hi everyone!I've decided that I'm going to make a few free blogger templates which I'll be sharing over the next few weeks. The first one above is ideal if you're looking for a clean design. You can add your own header via the layout section in blogger. Don't worry the images in the test post wont show up - that's just to give an idea of how the template looks!
It completely free to download!!


The second template has a floral background and a coral border. Again you can use your own header with this one.


*To install - unzip the file after downloading and upload the template via your blogger dashboard*

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  1. Neither seem to be opening correctly :/ anything else I can try?

    Thanks! xx

    1. I just tried it & it worked ok. You need to sign up for a free 4shared account to get the free download though :)

    2. Hmm I did that but when the actual file opened there was a box of errors :/ maybe I'll try it again! Thanks :) xx

    3. it may just be playing up. It opened & uploaded ok for me but I'll check again :) xx


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