April Favourites!

I haven't written a monthly favourites post for a while but there's a couple of products that I've really enjoyed using in the past few weeks. The naked basics palette is a product I've mentioned before but its been a great investment, especially as I don't own the other urban decay naked palettes

Urban decay shadows are pigmented, long wearing and don't crease. Venus with naked 2 in the crease are my go to shades at the moment. 
I've been giving the rimmel undercover shadow primer another go. Although I can get it to work on it own, when I apply a paint pot, such as nubile over the top and then apply my powder shadows, it works really well especially as paint pots on their own aren't enough to make my eye makeup last. UDPP used to be my favourite primer but I find it makes my shadows looks dry and crinkled so the rimmel primer is a much better option for me. I also really like Revlon colorstay liner crayon in brown - it doesn't drag and stays put. It twists up so a sharpener isn't needed!

I've been using MAC's strobe cream (review here) a lot lately. I find it work best mixed with foundation but I also like to apply it under my eyes, before concealer - it makes my eyes look brighter and refreshed!
On the lip front, I really like Laura Mercier lip glace in platinum. Its a clear lip gloss with shimmer, which catches the light to make lips look plumper.

For skincare, I have a mini origins plantscription anti aging serum that I've been using up. It feels light and none greasy, making skin feel smoother and firmer.
My big skincare love of the past month is definitely the elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm. I haven't used elemis for a long time but I'm so impressed with this balm. Even though its an oily balm, my skin feels more balanced, softer and smoother. I apply it to my face, leave for a minute or two and remove with a muslin cloth. I only have a small travel size pot but I will definitely be buying the full size. It is pricey but I really like it so I feel its worth the money.

What have been your favourite products of the last month?

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  1. I'm desperate for the Naked Basics pallette!!XX

  2. I love reading favorites! The strobe cream sounds lovely! xx

  3. I love the naked basic palette! I prefer paint pots/ concealer over eye shadow primers. I am following via bloglovin' and GFC, would you like to follow each other?

    Townhouse Palette

  4. I keep eying the Naked Basics but refuse to let myself buy it since I already own the other Naked palettes, but I just loooove how small and compact this one is! Lol, also I have been really wanting to try MAC Strobe cream I've heard so many good things. Lovely Favs! xox


  5. The basics palette is so pretty, really want it. Can't justify it when I already have so many eyeshadows palettes :( x

  6. Love MAC Strobe Cream, I got a sample and used it as a highlighter. Some of my April faves are Illamasqua powder blush in Unrequited and Rimmel Glam'eyes Lash Flirt mascara


  7. You can check out my favorites on my youtube channel: www.youtube.com/blogfashionanna
    thanks for taking the opportunity to take a look! If you like, feel free to subscribe :)
    Love, Anna


  8. I agree with the Rimmel primer - it's great with my Colour Tattoo shadow but not amazing alone xx


  9. I've never tried the MAC Strobe Cream.. but you make it sound amazing! I need to try it xx

    Gemma | ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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