Becca Radiant Skin Satin Foundation

Becca is a brand that's been on my radar for a while but for some reason I've just never got around to buying anything from them. A while ago the brand got discontinued in the UK but its now back at space nk and a few other retailers. I found the radiant skin foundation on offer at love make up so decided it was worth a splurge. I love trying out new foundations as I really believe your base is the staple that brings your look together. With the wrong foundation, your skin can look terrible but finding the right one and it can look flawless.
The radiant skin satin foundation aims to create an even toned base with subtle radiance, disguise imperfections and provide medium coverage. 
The packaging is a squeezy tube, which is ideal as its non messy and far more hygienic than a plain bottle. The foundation itself is really easy to blend - I apply with real techniques stippling brush, before buffing in with a sigma or real techniques buffing brush (from core collection). This foundation creates a beautiful finish - my skin looks smooth, fine lines are softened and I have a healthy glow. Even on my oily skin, it holds up most of the day. I still need to blot my t-zone which is normal with any foundation I use.
I bought shade buff, which in hindsight is too slightly too dark for my skin tone. Although its perfect for when I fake tan.

I will definitely repurchase but will pick up a lighter shade, either porcelain or shell. Becca radiant skin satin foundation has everything I look for in a foundation - good consistency, long lasting, natural looking finish..
The only downside is the price - £32 for 40ml (I paid £19 at love makeup but theres only a few shades left)
Next on my list is the shimmering skin perfector - a product I've heard so many great things about!

Have you tried Becca?

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  1. Wow, this product looks so great! I agree that the perfect completely changes a look. Your skin looks so flawless and radiant here! I'll be putting this on my wishlist. Bea xxx

  2. I've always been interested in trying Becca products! The finish on this foundation looks beautiful! Their skin perfectors are definitely on top of my Makeup Lust list!

  3. This looks gorgeous, need to try some Becca makeup:) x

  4. This looks lovely on you! I keep hearing becca popping up & I definitely need to try the brand for myself :) I'm stupidly allergic to cosmetics though so the thought of shelling out £32 scares me a big haha. Love the squeezy bottle design though. My current foundation is a glass bottle & I hateeeeee it!xx

  5. Your skin looks beautiful!

  6. I purchased the Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation from the Becca line just recently because it is new here in the states! I absolutely LOVE it!! I use it everyday and even though it is pricy, I like it more than my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. :)

  7. Glad I saw this review as I've been umming and ahhing about getting this. Buying online is always risky and I hadn't seen any reviews of it, but seeing how nice it looks on you has twisted my arm!
    Mel x

  8. Beautiful on you, I've heard so many rave reviews of products from Becca I really want to try one out!!

  9. Your skin looks so flawless! I've only tried lip products from Becca, but i'd love to try more. I think the Porcelain shade might be a good match for my skintone. I know the price is a little steep, but I think foundation is important too.. definitely no point in buying expensive blush or bronzer if the base isn't perfect! xxx

    Gemma | ♥


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