Clarins Graphic Expression Collection - Autumn 2013

It seems a little crazy that I'm posting about Autumn beauty already - where did summer go eh? but I guess the beauty world never sleeps.
I only usually post about MAC collections on here but I feel Clarins for Autumn 2013 deserves a post on its own. Like a lot of collections, these products are limited edition so make sure you look out for them in August/September.

Face & Blush Powder Palette 
beige peach/dark beige/pink

Eye Mineral Shadow Palette 
#11 Forest khaki/taupe/bronze/pale gold

Be Long Mascara 
 #1 intense black
#2 intense brown

3 Dot Liner

Kohl Pencil Eyeliners
#1 intense black (with sharpener)
#2 intense brown
#3 intense blue
#4 platinum
#5 intense violet
#6 bronze
#7 smokey plum
#8 taupe

Joli Rouge Lipstick
#736 Pink Camellia
#737 Spicy Cinnamon
#738 Royal Plum


  1. Gorgeous, I love the palette!

  2. I LOVE your new layout Zoe, it's so cute! I like the look of the collection, especially the eyeshadow palette xxx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  3. I've never bought any Clarins makeup but I recently got their blue orchid oil and I love it so I might be a convert. That eyeshadow palette is gorgeous.

  4. I've never tried out any makeup from Clarins but the face palette is so pretty! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

  5. The palette is gorgeous! Eyeliners look lovely too x


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