Ebay Beauty Bargains - Summer Holiday Edition!

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As its almost approaching summer holiday season, I've been searching for a few items that will help me get into holiday prep mode - I don't have a holiday booked yet but if I don't get to go on holiday I'm hoping for at least a few day trips!I currently have more than a few items in my Ebay wishlist, some of them are so cheap!

1. Pedicure Pod - I already have a ped egg which are so good for getting rid of dry skin on your feet but its always good to have a back up plus this one is cheap as chips! I try to keep on top of keeping my toes ad feet soft and moisturised in summer as I wear sandals a lot.

2. Travel Perfume Atomiser - These are so handy for travelling especially if you want to pack light. Its so much easier to take a mini perfume spray than a massive bottle of your favourite scent.

3. Heart Sunglasses - How cute are these!I know this style were popular a few years ago but they're a sweet buy for 99p.

4. Clear bottles - I'm going to buy a few of these as they're really good for putting a refreshing facial mist in or your favourite toner or cleanser, rather than taking massive bottles on holiday.

5. Cat Cosmetics bag/purse - I love these cases, I think I might buy one to use as a pencil case or for putting a few bits of makeup in for everyday use.

6. Soap & Glory The Firminator Body Contouring Gel - I'm not sure if this has been discontinued or reformulated but I cant see it on the boots website. Nevertheless this has some great reviews online and its a good price for a body firming gel. I'm always on a mission to tone up so this might help (I hope).

7. Bamboo Brush Set - I've mentioned these brushes before as they are really good value. I already have several of these bamboo brushes and they're really soft and wash well. This set is ideal for taking on holiday as it has everything you need.

Have you spotted any ebay bargains recently?

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  1. These are great picks! Def need to spruce up my summer shopping list on eBay :)

  2. Those little cosmetic purses are so cute! I know there are some nail polishes that are quite cheap on ebay.

  3. Love those cat cosmetic bags, so cute!

  4. Want that cute cat bag! adorable!!


  5. I used to browse eBay a lot but haven't been doing it so much lately but your bargains have inspired me again! Lie the heart sunglasses, too cute and really like the cat bags too. I'm going to America for 4 weeks in August so need to pack light but make sure I have all the essentials too so the mini perfume spray would work a treat! Need to get me some toning lotion too!
    Lianne x

  6. Love the loveheart sunglasses - very cute :). I never seem to come across things like these on eBay!


  7. I LOVE those little cat cosmetic purses - such a cute find!

    Rachel x | Joy&

  8. How I love these eBay bargains posts! I'm totally sold on the cat bags :D Not long ago I received one of those travel perfume bottles that I ordered off of eBay, but mine looks like a Travalo - totally recommend!


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