Lets not panic........GFC!

A cute kitty makes everyone feel better!

 Earlier this year google announced the retirement of google reader - a platform where you can read blogs via their rss feed in July 2013. 
Now google reader and google friend connect are two completely different things - GFC is STAYING for now anyway.  Google friend connect is the widget where people click to subscribe to your blog.
That's not to say it wont be removed in the future. Google friend connect has already been discontinued for blogs using a none blogger platform  - though I know some wordpress users have managed to get it back on. Also, google seem to be pushing users into using google plus. I've signed up but to be honest, I'm still trying to get my head around the whole thing.
Their are alternatives to using gfc - bloglovin seems to be the way forward for many. Its a pretty good platform and I like that you can download an app for iphone/android to read blogs on the go. The only thing I'm not keen on is the top blogs section as I feel it overlooks new bloggers. However there isn't really an alternative as yet - there is she said beauty but that's not much of an option for none beauty bloggers.

 There has been no announcement that GFC is closing and I'm pretty sure that if it does go eventually users will be given several months notice. I think there has been a bit of miscommunication about the whole thing - google should have been clearer about google reader and gfc but the main thing is not to worry!

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  1. Well this is fantastic news! :) xx

  2. I noticed some people panicking and others making up "facts"... Nobody knows what's going to happen with GFC, but just like you said, it is staying for now and we will be notified if they decide to get rid of it :)


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