MAC Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Collection 2013


*Previously thought to be called Doublelux*

It’s eye shadow innovation like you’ve never seen before. A versatile powder that brings out the pigment’s pure and true color. The result is a glamorous, creamy and lightweight hybrid offering two distinctive effects: applied wet for a super saturation of color that glistens with metallic brilliance, or dry for sheer coverage with a soft, sparkling finish. Six palettes featuring five complementary shades that glide on and blend beautifully for infinite day-to-night looks. Pinkluxe, Blueluxe, Pastelluxe, Greenluxe, Smokeluxe and Brownluxe. For perfection in application, use the 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, MAC makes your eyes pop.

Pinkluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow
Frosty White Pink
Bright Frosty Pink
Mid-tone Violet 
Blackened Purple with Pearlized Pigments
Blackened Plum

Blueluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow 
Metallic Silver with Pearlized Pigments
Light Blue
Blue with Pearlized Pigments
Purplish Blue with Blue Pearlized Pigments
Black with the Blue Pearlized Pigments

Pastelluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow 
Bright Champagne with Pearlized Pigments
Peachy Pink with Pearlized Pigments
Pale Baby Pink
Bright Lavender
Mid-tone Beige Gray

Greenluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow 
Light Peachy
Champagne with Pearlized Pigments
Mid-tone Olive
Blackened Green with Gold Pearlized Pigments
Deep Forest with Green Pearlized Pigments

Smokeluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow 
Frosty Pink White
Mid-tone Bronze
Mid-tone Gray
Mid-tone Gray Platinum

Brownluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow 
Egg Shell
Frosted Mid-tone Orange Gold
Light Yellow Chocolate
Mid-tone Bronze
Blackened Plum with Pearlized Pigments

Brush *Repromote* 
275 Brush – Medium Angled Shading (Natural Fibre)

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  1. omg! When will these be released? they look amazing

    1. end of June in the US and July/August internationally :)

  2. Wow they look so great!!! Can,t wait for them to be released!! Thanks for the post!

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