Free Blogger Template!

Today I'm offering a free blog template that I recently made. I'm not a professional web designer but I enjoy making them and thought it would be nice to share. You can see a live preview here.

You are more then welcome to make alterations if you know how - I have some tutorials here and will be uploading some more shortly. All I ask is that you don't sell it on as your own work as that wouldn't be cool. 
You don't need to use a header as the font is installed in the template but if you want to use your own all you need to do is upload it in the dashboard layout area of blogger - the widths of the template can be changed easily via blogger dashboard!

To get this template, just click download below - you'll need to unzip the file. Then upload the template via blogger dashboard!

Let me know what you think - I have some others too which I may share depending upon the response


  1. What a lovely idea, please do more of these! x

  2. Ah it's so cute! Perfect for the beginner blogger or anyone really. I've done some free social media icons on my blog as well. I just love giving back too! :)

  3. Oh I love that you've done this Zoe. I loved your HTML posts you did a few months ago, I only found them by googling for HTML help, and yours came up. I'd so love you to do some more, as I'm so bad at HTML and I'd love to know how to do things on my blog myself designwise xxx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  4. Looks really good, am giving it a go on my blog now and would love to see some more!

    Carro @


  5. oh my god, this is really cool! i remember that years ago when blogspot were still lots of bloggers would make free templates but nowadays it is so unsual, so it's very nice of you to put it up for everybody to use! :) plus it looks really cute, if i was using blogspot as mt blogging platform i would definitely use it!
    (how many times did i a derivation of 'blog' in this comment? lol)

    Isabela x

  6. Love this template, would like it with a different background x

  7. This is so sweet of you! xx

  8. This is lovely! Gonna be checking out your blog for more HTML tips and things, I need all the help I can get haha! xxx

  9. Lovely idea! It looks fab :-) x

  10. This looks great! Would love to see more x

  11. wow this is cool as I am a new blogger, I used it but
    unfortunately it doesn't work on me :( some attributes widgets
    I'm so bad at HTML and this is something helpful please
    I'd love to know how to do things on my blog myself designwise xxx

  12. This is so cute! Blogs always look the best simple. So I'm going to have a tweak with it and use it (thank you very much) :)



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