Vintage Cosmetics Brushes

  As much as I love my cosmetics and skincare, I also have a growing love for beauty brushes! Recently I received a few things from Vintage Cosmetics who have recently launched in Boots. First up are a selection of their brushes.

  The packaging of Vintage Cosmetics products is really pretty. I am a huge fan of anything floral/vintage/shabby chic so the packaging is completely up my street. The brushes have cream handles (you can also get them in pink) with the name of the brush printed on them.

  The Vintage Cosmetics lash and brow brush grooms/styles brows and helps to create natural lashes by removing clumps of mascara. 
  This is pretty much your standard lash/brow brush. The lash brush is handy for mascara mistakes, whilst the brow brush feels sturdy but quite hard - its probably best for thick brows.

  The blush brush is the ideal size for adding colour to the apple of your cheeks (I say perfect size as I find some blush brushes, such as Real Techniques are too big). It picks up product and distributes evenly. This brush is slightly on the scratchy side compared to other brushes I've used.

  The concealer brush is ideal for  applying and blending concealer is small areas, such as under the eyes or around the nose. Its feels soft and helps to blend well.

  Saving my favourite until last, the powder brush is the softest brush I've ever used. Made from natural   bristles, it did shed a few hairs upon first use but has been completely fine since. I love using this brush for setting powder, bronzer or highlighter. As its so soft, its handy for applying just a hint of product and blending seamlessly.

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  1. Oh, such pretty packaging ... I wish they were available where I live. x

  2. These look really pretty and sound quite good too, I will have to keep my eye out for them :)

  3. These sound good!! Shame I went and bought some more RT brushes today!!

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  4. These sound good! They look lovely too! Xx

  5. These look nice, love the packaging too :)

  6. these are beautiful, would make perfect gifts! x

  7. Very cool brushes! I want to try these!

    Kristina | Beauty With Compassion


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