Beauteco Box August 2013

 Beauteco is a relatively new brand in the beauty box world and I was really impressed with lasts months offering.
With Beauteco, you get to choose one of three boxes each month. Each box is a slight variation and you get to know the contents before the box arrives. This month, I chose the second box* which includes the following;

Arran Aromatics Lavender and Tea Tree Facial Wash (Full Size ) - £12.95
This smells exactly like it says - a soft tea tree and lavender. I don't normally use a lot of facial washes but I quite like this one as its a thick gel with little bits of loofah to exfoliate. It feels fresh and doesn't leave a tight feeling. I think this one would be good for blemished skin due to the antibacterial properties of tea tree.

Lord & Berry Intensity Lipstick in Peach Gleam (Full Size) - £12
I've heard of Lord & Berry before but never tried anything from the brand so its nice to see two full size items in here. I am a bit disappointed with this lipstick as it feels quite gritty and the texture just feel 'off'. The shade is nice but sadly doesn't really suit my skin tone either.

Lord & Berry Kissproof LipColour in Blossom (Full Size) - £7.50
I'm happy to report that the liner is much better than the lipstick. It feels creamy and smooth without dragging on the lips and has a good colour payoff. I'm not 100% keen on the shade but again that's my personal preference.

S5 Calm Serum (Sample Size) - full size 30ml bottle retails for £44
Although I do have a bit of redness around my nose, I didn't think I would be particularly interested in the S5 Calm Serum but I'm really impressed. I'd need to use it for a while longer to test how it really calms redness but I love how it leaves the texture of my skin feeling perfect. That's quite a bold claim but that's really how my skin feels when I've used this. I'll definitely look into this range.

Melvita Atomiser Orange Blossom Water (Sample Size) - full size 200ml bottle retails for £16
I have heard of Melvita before but again its a brand I've not tried. This little bottle is perfect for travel or throwing in your bag for a quick spritz throughout the day. It feels very light and refreshing.

Beauteco boxes are £10 + p & p. For this box the value of the lip products alone more than covers the price of the box which is a pretty good deal. I really like that Beauteco include full sized products along with deluxe sized samples. Whilst I'm not keen on the Lord & Berry lipstick, I'm very happy with the rest of this months contents and its nice to try brands that I've not previously used. This box also included a voucher for new subscribers, who will receive two extra products with their first box - just used the code FRIEND07 (not an affiliate code by the way, just thought I'd add that!)

Let me know what you think about this months contents or if you have a favourite beauty box brand!



  1. I think the Beautecoboxes look better than Glossy box or Birch box, I really should take out a subscription! x

  2. The Lord & Berry lippies look amazing! :)

    from isabela at | bloglovin

  3. Wow! Great items! :) I've never tried these subscription boxes and now I'm intrigued! :)

    Style Reader


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