China Glaze Halloween Monsters Ball Collection 2013

Halloween seems so far away but no doubt it will come around quicker than you think. I don't usually like Halloween collections but I'm loving these images.
Nail polishes include;

Howl You Doin' - deep burgundy with purple, fuchsia and orange glitter
Bat My Eyes - black/green with gold glitter
Boo-Gie Down - clear with black, orange and white glitter
Fang-Tastic - clear with blue, pink, green and purple glitter
Bump in the Night - black textured

You can see them swatched here and they're already available here alongside the autumn collection!


  1. love all the shade. thanks so much for the share

  2. This collection looks so fun.
    Howl You Doin' and Boo-Gie Down are fab. Loving the names.

  3. Oooh, I can't wait to wear these - can we bring forward Halloween? Xx


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