Free Blogger Template #2

Today I have another free blog template to share with you. The screen shot makes it look really fuzzy which it isn't in real life. You can see a live preview here.

You are more then welcome to make alterations if you know how - I have some tutorials here as a starting point.
The header is separate and can be added via the layout page area of blogger but you don't have to use if if you don't want to. If you do use it, you will need to add your own text in an editing program - picmonkey and pixlr are both free to use!

To get this template, just click download below - you'll need to unzip the file. Then upload the template via blogger dashboard!


  1. Beautiful template! I love it so much! You can tell you've put tons of work into it :)

    Kristina | Beauty With Compassion

  2. it's preety cute. anticipating for more free template, especially the icon button i.e home, about, product review..:)


  3. Thank you so so much for this theme! Really appreciated xxxx
    Life of Verity

  4. this is gorgeous, thank you for your hard work :) :)

  5. thank you!


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