Love Me Beauty Box September 2013

Another month, another beauty box. For September the box formally known as Beauteco has rebranded into Love Me Beauty. Personally, I really like the new name and branding, so lets see how the box itself fares.
Just to recap, the Love Me Beauty box offers three boxes each month - each box is a variation of contents so there is something tailored to everyone and you see the contents of the box before you receive it. You can find out more here
Each month you receive 4 or five products. This month I chose box 1 which includes;

Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed Eye Gel - FULL SIZE worth £3.25
An eye gel that soothes and refreshes for perfect peepers. I've given this a go and it feels lightweight and cooling. Perfect for using in the mornings when you feel tired and your eye area needs a boost.
Other variations are Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Eye Mask worth £3.10 and Anatomicals Day and Night Spot Fix worth £3.15

Nip & Fab Dry Leg Fix - FULL SIZE worth £10.25
The star of the box. I've used this before and its incredible!If you have dry legs give this a try, you'll see results straight away as its extremely hydrating.  It has a medicinal smell which isn't the nicest scent in the world but as the results are so good its something that can be overlooked.
Other variations are Nip &Fab Stiletto Fix worth £9.95 and Nip & Fab Clean Fix Gel worth £10.25

Essential Care Lip Silk FULL SIZE worth £5.50
I'm a bit of a lip balm junkie so its nice to see this included. Essential care products are organic and cruelty and paraben free. You can use this on its own or as a nourishing base under lipstick. Also handy for throwing in your bag to keep your lips moisturised during the day.
Other variations are Essential Care Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash worth £6 and Essential Care Herb Shampoo worth £3.50

Murad Osmolyte Tonic FULL SIZE worth £10
A refreshing mist to moisturise, plump and firm skin. I've given this a quick go and it just seems like a regular toning mist. It doesn't have any scent, it feels cool and refreshing on the skin. I don't think its a product to get excited about but its ideal for carrying around for a quick spritz throughout the day.
Featured in every box

Matriskin Collagen Serum 7.5 ml worth £24
Not a brand I've heard of and judging by the price its expensive to say the least. This serum is meant to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. I've only tried it once so I have no idea if it works but from first impressions, its lightweight, soaks into the skin quickly and doesn't feel greasy so its ideal for my skin type. 
Featured in every box

September Box Overall Worth = £53

With four full size products and one deluxe sample this box is definitely good value for money. So far this have been my favourite beauty box (you can see my previous reviews of love me beauty/beauteco here and here). Yes, you don't get the surprise factor you do with other boxes but you know exactly what you're signing up for and you can pick which box suits you best and without mentioning any names *cough cough* theres no chance of being sent a crummy lip balm whilst other subscribers receive a deluxe product.

I really like the contents of this month box, theres a good variety of brands and items which I will definitely use. The previous box contained cosmetics so its nice to have a change this month and hopefully that variety will continue in future boxes!Love me beauty are giving other beauty box brands a run for their money.
If you want to know more, you can find their site here

What do you think about the contents of this box?
What beauty boxes do you subscribe to?


  1. The Murad tonic sounds quite nice, i really like their skin care! x

  2. This box looks fab! I got a nip and fab spot fix in my last glossybox and was so impressed! Reallly want to try some more bits from this range!

  3. I got this box too, I'm really impressed with it & I've used every product which is rare with beauty boxes!

    Jennie xo |

  4. This months box looks really good. I am a fan of Nip & Fab products.
    Murad is always excellent too, I have a few acne treatments from this brand and they are brilliant.
    Looking forward to your reviews


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