Ready For Autumn

I've made one or two purchases over the last week. I like to think they were necessary but perhaps not. I've been looking for a large bag for a while. I looked on Zara and found this hobo bag for £19.99. I like 'slouchy' styles so this one seemed perfect. It also massive so you can fit absolutely everything in there. 
From New Look, I picked up a pair of black tights, my essential for Autumn/Winter and a little coin purse. I really like the chain trim and I think it goes well with the bag too. I couldn't resist the tortoise socks, they are so cute!I think I'm going to get the giraffe ones next as they are adorable.
Last but not least, I bought a cable scarf from ASOS, which is from the mens section and was reduced to £5 when I got it but its now back to £12, weird huh? I still need to buy a coat yet and some gloves, I do like to be prepared for the cold weather!!


  1. Those socks are so cute!! I might have to pop into New Look to get some. Great choices!


  2. the color of that scarf is gorgeous!

  3. Love those socks, so cute! The coin purse is also very chic x

  4. those socks are super cute! love the colour of that scarf too :) xx
    kooky capricious

  5. Zara have the most amazing bags! xx

    Rachael |

  6. Nyc haul!! lovely post :)


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