Givenchy Ombre Couture Eyeshadow Collection 2014

Beauty never sleeps. I'm already starting to see bits and pieces from upcoming 2014 collections and so far its looking good. For Spring 2014, Givenchy launch their couture eyeshadow collection - a range of silky smooth, waterproof shadows created by Nicholas Degennes.  Possibly these may be Givenchy's version of Chanels illusion d'ombre shadows?

Ombre Couture Eyeshadows

*Blanc Satin
*Beige Mousseline
*Rose Dentelle
*Bleu Soie
*Taupe Velours
*Kaki Brocart
*Gris Organza
*Prune Taffetas
*Brun Cachemire

Available from February 1st 2014 priced £18


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