High Street/Drugstore Favourites

As nice as it is to splash out now and again on a luxury item, the majority of my favourite products are from the highstreet/drugstore. There are so many good value for money items out there that its been really difficult to whittle down a few. I haven't even thought about nail/body products etc. Revlon has been one of my favourite brands since I first discovered makeup. There have been one or two duds along the way but on the whole, Revlon have some great products, my favourite being foundations. Revlon Colorstay is one of my all time must haves. I've repurchased so many times, mainly due to its amazing oil control, good coverage and shade match. When I want something lighter, I'll opt for Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I need to blot more with this base but I love that it blends really well, smooths the complexion and just generally makes your skin look radiant and healthy. For concealer, I love the hyped Collection Lasting Perfection. This offers great coverage without looked caked on, its lasts all day and its a great match for my skin tone. 
The Loreal Nude Magique BB Powder is a product that's shot straight to the top of my favourites since I purchased a few weeks ago. It offers great oil control whilst feeling light on the skin and it doesn't oxidise which is plus. My skin looks smooth, refined and shine free when I use it.
For mascara, my love for Max Factor Masterpiece Max* has been growing. I've mentioned in the past that I've never got on with high street mascaras but this one is in a different league. It rivals one of my all time favourite Laura Mercier mascaras in terms of lengthening lashes, adding volume and lasting throughout the day without smudging.

There are so many lip products that I really rate but if I had to name some of my favourites, they would include Loreal caresse lipsticks, Revlon Lip butters, Maybelline baby lips and Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipsticks.
For eyeshadow, Maybelline Color Tattoos are great for a wash of colour or as a base. On and On bronze is one of my favourite shades but pomegranate is also a great shade for autumn. One of the best brands for value for money are Sleek. My current favourite Sleek product is the vintage romance palette, which I reviewed here. I also really love the Sleek blush in rose gold too.

I would love to know your favourite high street/drugstore products?

p.s. I'll be giving away some of these items later this week!!


  1. The Collection concealer is such an amazing product and at that price - almost too good to be true :o). Xx


  2. I love sleek products especially their lipstick palettes!
    If you like false nails you should check out my blog I've just done a review on House of Holland false nails which have really cute hearts/broken hearts on the tips!
    Hayley Durrant

  3. I really want to try both the Revlon foundations, they look lovely! Shall have to wait until i've used up my current foundation x

    Abbie | Dainty Little Dreams

  4. That powder looks really interesting I've never even heard of it!

  5. Great picks. I use pretty much everything here bar the foundations. Love a good high street buy!

    Katie | and-katie.com

  6. I love pretty much the majority of these products!


  7. So many of these products I love too! Really want to try the nearly naked foundation next xxx

  8. Sleek make up is so under rated! The pricing is perfect for such good quality make up & the pigments just right!
    I also own a sleep palette and some blushers i love them
    KateVictoria xo

  9. Great choices, I love the L'Oréal picks :)

    Annie | www.raspberphobia.com

  10. Love all of these. especially the loreal powder and revlon nearly naked! amazing highstreet buys, you should definitely try the new L'Oréal nude magique eau de teint foundation its a lot like the revlon one but i think its better and goes really well with the powder - i've reviewed both on my blog :) x


  11. I really want one of those sleek 3 blush palette things but you can't get them except online and I hate shipping prices haha. My favourite drugstore product right now is the Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation and the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipcolour in Coral Pop :D

  12. Revlon Nearly Naked and Sleek Blushers are my favourite but Colour Tattoos are the cult classic!


  13. I'm the same shade in the Revlon Nearly Naked! Finally someone as pale as me :). (I'm a new subscriber) And I love Collection concealer, Color Tattoos, Caresse lipsticks and Sleek blushes too!

    Blu Button Box

  14. Sleek blushes are where its at ;) I am loving mine at the moment I have to say!
    TwentySomethingBeauty | Twitter | Bloglovin

  15. I really want to try the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder - it looks lovely :) x


  16. I love the sleek eyeshadow palettes, and the collection concealer although I hated the Maybelline Baby lips :( xx

  17. I really want to try Revlon Nearly Naked, I'm trying to use up a few of my other foundations but I think this will be my next addition!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  18. Okay Zoe I love you for including Max Factor's Masterpiece Max in here!!!!! It's so under hyped and just so bloody good!
    I have an old OLDDD empty one in my make-up bag purely because I fear I'll forget about its existence if I throw it away...I may make it my next re-purchase!!

    Holly Mixtures

  19. Have a few of these but there's some things there I really wanna try out. Like the Sleek Rose Gold blusher and the Revlon Colorstay.


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