Ebay Boots Under £18!

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If you've been reading my blog a while you'll know I'm a big fan of ebay. I've already shared one or two bargains but I thought I'd challenge myself to find some nice affordable boots. I've managed to find a few under £18 - though most here are under a tenner. Obviously they're not real leather but I think theres some nice styles here for the price - trust me I had to wade through some questionable boots before stumbling across these. I already own a pair of moccasin style boots like no.1 but I'm tempted to purchase the chocolate colour. I also really no6 which are the most expensive here at £17.99 though the tan ones have been reduced to £9.99
The bow wellies (no 5) are so cute, I'm thinking of buying them for when it snows - they would be perfect with some really chunky socks!

Do you have any favourites from this list?


  1. Great finds, I love the cut-out boots!

  2. These are all gorgeous, and so cheap! xxx

  3. I always forget to look at eBay when buying clothes. I love boots number 6 and they are so cheap too!




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