Stocking Fillers under £10!

When it comes to choosing Xmas gifts, its always the stocking filler type presents that I struggle with. This year I've come up with a few ideas. These would make lovely extras, maybe a small gift for a friend or even a secret Santa event. 

3 for 2 gifts/offers
Quite a few stores now have gifts on 3 for 2 offers. Boots have quite a few nice little gifts like this Betty & Walter handcream* £6 that would suit a range of ages. Tesco also have a few half price gift sets here but generally there are a wide range of things on offer at various retailers from beauty to home to food/drink etc all under £10.

Makeup Brushes
There are now a few ranges that sell quality affordable makeup brushes. I really like ELF's studio range and real techniques single brushes. Another range to check out is superdrug's MUA range.

Sleek Divine Palettes
Sleek palettes are really great quality for a lower end price tag (£7.99). The shadows are pigmented, soft and generally long wearing. The new celestial palette would make a nice gift for any beauty lover. I also highly rate the vintage romance palette - reviewed here.

Candles are always a nice bet at this time of year. A lot of stores sell affordable candles but I like yankee candles as they have a massive range of scents and are good quality. One option would be to buy a lovely candle holder, such as the above one I picked up from Dunelm Mill for £3.99 and a sampler style candle - I got one from the ebay yankee outlet store for £1.80.

Obviously this does depend on how well you know the gift recipient. If its for a family member/someone close then sleepwear, such as pyjamas (primark, asda and tesco do nice sets), socks (it wouldn't be Xmas without a pair of socks right?!) and slippers are a reasonably safe choice. Alternatively, something like a hot water bottle might be a good option - I found the above one in B&M stores for £4 but primark have some decent ones too. 

That's just a few ideas I've come up with - Let me know if you have any good tips for buying stocking fillers!


  1. Such great ideas! I love putting candles in stockings :)
    Elise -

  2. Some great ideas here, I agree Yankee candles make such lovely gifts especially stocking fillers.

    Alice | Beauty By Alicee xxx

  3. Ooh I love the candle holder, it's super pretty and such a bargain!

    Jennie xo |


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