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I never really paid much attention to skincare before starting blogging. Since then, I've become more aware of my skin type and its needs. Im definitely someone who is influenced by other bloggers - if I see a product/brand receive glowing reviews from several bloggers, I'll want to see what the fuss is about.
In the past few months, I've heard good things about the Una Brennan superfacialist range at Boots. At the moment, I'm using the una brennan tea flower pore purifying clay mask, which is a light mask containing salicylic acid to help congested skin and dead sea mud to absorb oil. I use this mask as a deep cleanse once a week to help with excess oil. It makes my skin feel more balanced and look clearer without that tight feeling a lot of masks leave. Another una brennan product I've just purchased is the rose hydrate intense moisture mask. My skin can become on the dehydrated side in winter despite being very oily. The intense moisture mask contains white willow extract to enhance skin cell turnover and vitamin e to replenish and restore. I love this mask to balance my skin and I think it helps to make it more plumper and radiant.

Another new buy is the Ren evercalm gentle cleansing milk for sensitive skin. I prefer using cleansers aimed at sensitive skins as they're generally less harsh and feel much gentler on the skin. The evercalm cleansing milk is an ultra light cream that leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. It doesnt leave any greasy residue so its perfect for my skin. I have a feeling this is going to be my new staple cleanser.
On the toning front, I love the mario badescu glycolic acid toner - an exfoliating liquid toner. I use this 2/3 times a week as I find it to harsh to use every day. It contains 2% glycolic acid along with aloe leaf gel, grapefruit and deironized water, which on the whole isnt a bad ingredient list. The toner has really helped to clear any breakouts quicker and my pores are less congested and more refined. I'll repurchase but I'm also keen to try the clarins version next as I've read its gentler than other variants.

Serum-wise, I've really been liking matriskin collagen mp serum* which I received in a beauty box. Matriskin isnt a brand I'm overly familiar with but since hitting thirty, anything that I think may smooth lines, I'm keen to try out. The full size version of this is a whopping £96 so its not something in my budget but I like that its a fairly light serum that I feel is helping smooth any fine lines and plump my skin. I'll look for a cheaper option as its out of my price league but I'll definitely use up this sample!

Have you tried any of these brands?


  1. Great post! As a fellow (nearly) 30 yr old I found this really helpful. Gotta start thinking about those fine lines!
    Ekaete x

  2. I wish I had access to the Super Facialist range. I have a REN milky cleanser and I love it x

    1. thats a shame, Ren have some great products though x

  3. I adore Una Brennan face masks :) they're just brilliant! Great post dear really enjoyed reading it x

  4. I just picked up the Una clay mask too and love it! My face looks and feels amazing after I've rinsed it off, and so far I've had to stop myself from over-applying haha. Great post, didn't know much about the Rose one but I'll keep an eye out for that too next time ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving


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