New Beauty Products for 2014

There are already a few new products I'm looking forward to next year. I've already posted a few pictures from new collections including clarins and dior but I thought I'd do a small roundup from some other brands.

First up is Revlon. If you're in the US then you may have already spotted some new blush shades. Also new out are blush highlighting palette that look similar to bobbi brown shimmer bricks. Hopefully we might see these on this side of the pond next year.

Next up is zoya's natural collection. If you're a fan of neutral nails then these will be right up your street. 

Givenchy's spring collection looks beautiful. I'm particularly interested to see the rouge interdit shine lipstick in rose sensation.

Maybelline 2014 includes master glaze blush sticks and master hi-light highlighting blushes. These should be hitting canada and the states next year. I'm hoping we see them in Europe too but Maybelline tend to release products here months behind. I'm also hoping we see the lip color elixirs which look amazing!
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Finally, YSL have some new shades of rouge voluptes up their sleeve in their spring collection - shades include fuchsia storm, jealous coral, pink neilla and pink asarina. Also look forward to new gloss voluptes and flower crush collector eye palette.

Are their any new products you're most looking forward to?


  1. The YSL lipsticks look lush!

    Alice |

  2. The Maybelline Blushes look really nice :)

  3. The master glaze thing looks pretty awesome! cant wait

  4. So many pretties, lots of pink tones and blushes!!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee


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