A Week in Beauty

This week, I've been bringing back a few old favourites. I've been very eagle-eyed when it comes to sale shopping. Truth be told, the sales were a bit of a dud but I did manage to snag one or two bargains.

I spotted my all time favourite mascara - Benefit Bad Gal £17.50 at half price on feel unique and it was promptly in my basket. Bad gal is like marmite, you either love it or hate it but for me, its love all they way. I have yet to find any other mascara that gives the volume that this gem can. I've found a few mascaras that come close in lengthening my lashes, notably benefit's they're real and laura merciers volume building mascara but nothing gives my lashes the oomph quite like bad gal. Its also really easy to remove, of course its not waterproof - I've used the waterproof version in the past and it was a complete let down. Moral of the story, always stick the original.

For Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive a mini set of my favourite body butters ever. The boots extracts body butters £8.00 are incredible. Seriously, if you get chance to get hold of one of these give them a try. They're non greasy, light, sink in quickly and hydrate. Cocoa butter is my favourite scent but mango comes a close second. 
When it comes to makeup base, I've been using Estee Lauder's double wear light £28.50 which is possibly my favourite foundation. I've had a few blemishes lately so I've needed a little more coverage than normal. I'd describe DWL as a buildable light to medium coverage foundation. I don't like anything to heavy so this kind of texture is perfect. I love that it lasts all day on my oily skin and really evens out my complexion. My pores look minimised and my skin in general looks so much better. The only downside is the price which seems to have increased over the years. My tube is almost empty but luckily I do have some debenhams beauty points to spend which will cushion the blow.
A product I've been using every day is bobbi browns nude peach blush £19.00 I put this to one side a while back and I felt it needed a little love again. Its a very natural blush shade for my pale skin. I love the satin finish which gives it a little depth than your regular matte blush. The pigmentation isn't the best I've used in a blush but its long wearing and easy to blend. 
My skin has been on the drier side this last week, which I'm totally blaming the cold weather for. I've started using Trilogy's rosehip oil £16.50 again in the evenings to give my skin a little moisture boost. It feels really light and nourishing on my skin, giving my complexion a real glow. It can also be used on scars and stretch marks as it really helps to smooth out the skin. I'm thinking of investing in a larger bottle to try out on my body. If it can improve my stretch marks then I'll be a happy girl!

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I love the Boots Extracts Cocoa Butter, so luxurious yet affordable x


  2. I really want to try the Trilogy rosehip oil. I've read so many good reviews on it~ Benefit badgal lash for half price is a total bargain, feeling happy for you! Too bad the mascara doesn't work well for my short stubby lashes :(

    Love discovering old favourites. I need to use up some of my products soon!
    Thanks for the post~ I hope you have a lovely day! <3

    Ying♥ || *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

  3. Love the sound of the Bobbi brown blush, it looks such a pretty shade:) <3

  4. I love Bad Gal. So want to try the Trilogy oil! x


  5. I love the Boots Extracts body butters, Cocoa butter is my favourite I find it to be really moisturising and it sinks in quickly x

  6. The Bobbi Brown Blusher looks laaaavley!


  7. Bad Gal Lash is my all time favourite too! I was fortunate enough to get the full size and mini set for Christmas (thank you in-laws). I've just bought the Trilogy oil in a bid to get rid of some sneaky fine lines on my forehead. It's just arrived so fingers crossed!

  8. I love Trilogy Rosehip Oil, it works wonders on my acne scarring and I couldn't be without it! Bad Gal Lash just doesn't work for me though, the brush is SO big on my tiny eyes x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  9. Trilogy Rosehip Oil is such a lovely product. When my skin is being problematic I always bust this out & it clears it up & calms it down.

  10. I've only tried small versions of Bad Gal lash, am so tempted to try the full size just as it will last longer and be easier to work with. I wonder how I'd compare it to They're Real which I love! Can imagine it would be good!

  11. Benefit Bad Gal Lash is one of my all time favourites.
    I would really like to get my hands on a Bobbi Brown blush, I've heard nothing but positive reviews.
    Great picks!

  12. Bad Gal Lash mascara is one of my favourties and definitely better that They're Real although I am changing my mind a little bit. :) Great reviews!


  13. I'm also a big fan of Bad Gal mascara and the only other mascara I've found that equals this is for me is They're Real. Both are a bit too expensive for me to buy though unless I can find them on offer x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  14. I always wonder about the Benefit Bad Gal mascara seeing as it doesn't get as much hype as They're Real but it's good to know you like it. Hopefully I can give it a try one day xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  15. Excellent choice with Trilogy rosehip oil!

    If you want to read about the wonderful properties of Rosehip oil, check my review:


    Have a nice day! x

  16. That blusher looks lovely!!!!

    Emily xx

  17. I haven't made my mind up yet about Bal Gal yet, I haven't fallen in love with it. I really need to try Double Wear so badly!


  18. The Bobbi Brown blush looks like a really beautiful and easy to wear shade. I love Bad Gal mascara, I haven't had a tube in the longest time, but it'll always be one of my favourites <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  19. I adore Trilogy's rose hip oil, it's been my skincare saviour.

    Becki xox


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