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Sometimes you don't wanna splash out on a product without testing it beforehand. That's always easier said than done. Some counters will give you a tiny sample if you ask but 9 times out if 10 you're unlikely to get samples of items you want to try.
Mini sized beauty items are a great way to try out new products. A lot of magazines now offer freebies. Sadly, its the only thing that entices me to buy the majority of mags. I could write a whole essay on women's magazines but I'll spare you :)
One recent magazine freebie was a trio of Ren skincare items. I really liked the vita mineral active 7 eye gel, a refreshing and cooling gel to smooth and firm. I love that it soaks in quickly and doesn't feel greasy. I'm considering buying the full size as its not mega pricey for an eye treatment and I definitely want to add more 'natural' skincare products to my stash. Another recent freebie was Benefit's They're Real mascara. I've had this on my wish list for ages and it doesn't disappoint. It doesn't give the same volume on my lashes as bad gal but it really lengthens and adds definition without looking clumpy.

Another great way of trying new products is beauty boxes. I bought the recent you beauty discovery box after spying a few great brands in there. With you beauty you pay £6.95 including p&p per month and you can choose which two items you want. I picked a full size nick lowe eye cream and Becca's shimmering skin perfector in opal.  I've been wanting to try this for ages but the £33 price tag put me off slightly. Opal is a champagne highlighter. You can use on its own or mix with foundation for a dewy glow. A little of this goes a long way. Its a cult favourite for its subtle shimmer and natural glow. So lovely.

A place I like to scour for travel sized beauty items is ebay. Ebay is a complete minefield when it comes to buying. I tend to use the same sellers for beauty as I know I can trust them to sell genuine products. I bought a mini Clinique stay matte foundation from this seller. I'm still on the fence with this one, on one hand its lightweight and gives a nice even finish, but the deal breaker for me is shade match and wear time. I have fair which is slightly too orange for my skin tone, though they do have lighter shades. Wear time is so-so, I find my t-zone becomes really oily and this just slides off. I like the sound of cliniques bases though so I'll keep wearing this and see if I can find a way to make it work!

Whats your favourite way to try new products?


  1. My friends are obsessed with make up as much as I am so I tend to use their products before I buy it for myself.


  2. Cute tray - I have the big version and just about all the different variations of pots from that range to. Perfect for storage!

    Georgina at

  3. I always like to try little bits too before buying, I got the You Beauty advent calendar which had a lot of gorgeous samples inside!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  4. I love trying mini's before I purchase a product - I wish more brands had travel sized options! I'm the same with magazines in that I only purchase them for a freebie x

  5. Beauty Boxes are always such a good way to try new products!

  6. Cute products.
    I'm with you 100% I love trying things (especially skincare) before purchasing.
    It's a shame that more companies don't hand out samples.

  7. I love minis and samples :) I think mac do some good skincare samples if you ask, I've tried a lot of things before I buy the full size <3

  8. Enjoy your posts so much I followed. XO

  9. Mini samples are perfect for trying out new products without wasting money on products that aren't suitable! x

    Abbie | Dainty Little Dreams

  10. I love going into store and swatch everything like a crazy woman...and to the dismay of every sale assistants.

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Giveaway.

  11. I agree, its often nice to buy or use a sample size to see if a product works before splashing out on a full size. The you beauty discovery box sounds like a brilliant way of trying new products. I am going to give it a whirl


    Emily xx

  13. I love samples, it's so good to try things before buying, it's never fun to buy a full size and it not work for you!

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  14. I reckon all brands, and certainly high end ones, should do samples. It would certainly make me more likely to try their products if I knew I didn't have to splash out for a full size in the hope it will suit. REN seem to have got this - you get 2 mini samples when you order and I've found a few favourite products that way.

  15. I love mini samples! There great for trying out new products; I especially like them for trying out skincare from more expensive brands so that I'm not spending money on products that might not work for my skin

    She's Looking at the Stars

  16. I got a deluxe sample size of the REN Radiance Renewal mask and I MUST purchase a full size xx

  17. I only actually buy the benefit they're real mini. This being is the mini tube lasts 3 months, then I toss it and buy a new mini they're real. It's so much cheaper $10, verse $23 for the full size that I would still be throwing out in 3 months.

  18. I'm the same with you when it comes to ebay, you never know what's genuine! I bought a Smashbox try it kit, perfect to try new things AND great if you're going away need light travel make-up haha!

    Thank you for sending me your blog link in the chat on sunday :) I have now followed you on Bloglovin' and can't wait to read more!

    If you fancy a peek I'm over at - I'm hoping this is the year I start to get my big following (fingers and toes crossed!)

    Vicky xx


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