How to save money on mid-high end beauty products!

There's quite a few beauty items in my collection that I've never paid full price for. There are many ways you can save money on mid-higher end beauty, with the key for me is being able to shop around.

Today, I have a few tips to share with you that might help you to save a few £££ on your purchases. The first and most obvious way is discount codes/vouchers. I've saved a lot of money shopping online due to online codes. The best way to find codes is a site such as voucher codes or moneysavingexpert. A lot of retailers, such as Debenhams often have discount codes on beauty items (you can currently save 10% at the moment with code VV47). It's also worth signing up to email newsletters for your favourite retailers. Most retailers will email subscribers with their latest offers and any discounts. 
Another way is to regularly check online retailers for sale sections. I'm always checking sites, such as ASOS, HQ hair, Look Fantastic, Love Makeup and Cocktail Cosmetics for sale buys. I've bought quite a few discounted Illamasqua products from ASOS and I generally find them to have the best sales but you do have to be quick.
Signing up to loyalty cards is another great way to save a few pennies. Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug, and Space NK all have cards that I'm signed up to and I've definitely saved a few pounds over the years. My favourites are Boots and Debenhams as its quite easy to rack up loyalty points, especially as there are regular offer to gain bonus points.

Two sites that are worth checking for discounted products are eBay and Amazon. Now EBay is a complete minefield when it comes to beauty. There are a lot of fakes on there. I stand by the saying that if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. You're extremely unlikely, for example to find a genuine Benefit concealer for £3. Saying that, there are of course genuine sellers on there. I've been lucky to find one or two and I generally stick to the same sellers that I've had good experiences with. I would say its probably best to avoid Benefit, MAC and Nars on there as the majority are counterfeit. With Amazon, I stick to buying from Amazon direct rather than marketplace sellers as again there are people within the marketplace selling fake goods. Generally, Amazon have great deals on real techniques brushes, thebalm and certain skincare brands.
There are also certain shops that sell discounted beauty products. For example, TKMaxx is amazing for finding a few bargains. Their stock changes fairly frequently, so its best to check instore regularly to find the best bargains. Designer outlets, such as Bicester Village also have a company cosmetics outlet store that sell reduced items. Often, these are discontinued items but theres still a lot of savings to be made and you never know what you might find. Also, duty free shops are a good way to make a saving. 

A few shops I'll mention are discount shops, such as home bargains, b&m stores, poundland etc. Now and again you'll find a few things popping up in these stores, such as OPI nail polishes. Some stock can be quite old, for instance Stila was discontinued in the UK several years ago before being brought back, which meant a lot of old stila stock popped up in discount stores and online. However, you can find a few bargains so its worth checking. Also online shops, such as Fragrance Direct sell a lot of discounted products, such as Essie polishes that are fairly recent releases. Finally, I have to mention beauty blogs. Blogs are a great way to find a few bargains. I recently managed to find a Stila liner set for just £6.25 thanks to Fee and I've spotted other offers thanks to some amazing bloggers!

Do you have any moneysaving tips?


  1. Great tips, I keep forgetting that Amazon sells beauty bits now. I love a good rummage in the beauty section at TKMaxx, they have some right hidden gems

  2. I always try to find a discount code before buying anything online. Some great tips.


  3. I definitely love Fragrance Direct & is great as well. :) Awesome post x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  4. Do you happen to know how long that Debenhams code is valid for?

    1. its a dailymail code to possibly for a week?

  5. I buy my real techniques brushes from iherb! It only costs 4$ shipping to the uk - only minus is that it can take between two/three weeks to get here (although both my orders came in under a week!) and you get a awesome deal where if you spend $40 - they take off $10 off your first order (its also all in british pound next to american dollars,) or if you spend under the $40 they still give you $5 off... which is insane as the brushes are so cheap on there anyway. I have a code; MPL147.

    I've actually done a post about it too, so it's not one of those 'too good to be true' moments. ;)

    Sophie. x

  6. Really great tips! :) I'd love to see more of these kinds of posts - they are so helpful!!

  7. Thank you for these great tips :) might have to use the Debenhams code and treat myself haha.
    Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  8. I'm so glad you shared this post! The only downside to being a beauty blogger is that you have a list as long as your arm with all the products you want to try! xx
    Elise -

  9. Great tips, beauty blogs and twitter accounts are so handy in keeping up to date with bargains and deals :)

    Sophie x

  10. I wish i led in the UK just to go everyday to poundland, when i was there i was amazed by the amount of things that are really good for just a pound!
    Polish & Lemonade

  11. I always check online for discount codes before buying something online! There are always codes flying about! And luckily Im a student so I get online discount on most stores - even house of fraser!

  12. Great Tips! Discount Codes are always a must!

  13. This is such an informative post! xxx

  14. I've just taken advantage of that debenhams code for a mac order, thank you! x

  15. Great post!

    Kimberley x

  16. Such good ideas, thank you for this post!
    Slightly Skint Blog

  17. Great tips! thank you dear!~^_^


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