The Dupe List

left: ebay// right: topshop

In my neverending quest to find a bargain I've spotted some amazing dupes. First up is Topshop. Now I've just started getting into Topshop again but their prices can be quite steep (when you're used to paying a tenner for a jumper in primarni, £30 seems a lot!).

I've spied some very similar items on ebay. Okay, not all of these are complete dupes but they're fairly close
and way cheaper. The up all night t-shirt (here on topshop) can be found here on ebay. The checked leggings are here on topshop but similar ones are here on ebay.
The topshop daisy jumper here and a similar jumper is here on ebay. The buckle cut out boots are on topshop here and similar can be found on ebay here.

My favourite find has to be this pink leather jacket from Topshop and this pleather one on ebay here. Its such a bargain!Let me know what you think of my finds!


  1. I love the daisy jumper, it's so cute! Great post :)
    Beauty by Alice | Beauty by Alicee | YouTube | xxx

  2. I've added those leggins to my basket ;)

  3. Topshop are pretty pricey. When they first came to Brisbane (only 4-5 months ago) I was so excited to check out everything they had but paying $60 for a pair of ripped denim shorts seemed a bit ridiculous. I love the idea of getting stuff from eBay though usually the dupes/second hand items are so much cheaper. I'd love to see more posts like this :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  4. love your blog! following you!

  5. I love the cut out boot, I love eBay it's so good for months like January when everyone is running short on money.


  6. Fab post! I love Topshop but I can't understand how they can charge so much sometimes. I've got the topshop leggings and I did cringe at the fact they were £25 a pair however I had some gift vouchers and got £13 off so I decided it was worth it then haha! I have the buckle cut out boots dupes as well I actually think they're a lot nicer than the topshop ones to be honest, they are hands down comfiest shoes ever if anyone needs persuading.

    Kat x

  7. The pink jacket is FABULOUS! <3

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  8. Ahhh you've made my day! I've had my eye on those topshop leggings for a while but I just couldn't justify the price for how long I'd be wearing them! Thanks!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic



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