A Little Update & Zara Dupe!

As much as I love sharing beauty on here, I find it difficult to put more of a personal touch on it. I did think about combining different topics and making sweet electric more of a lifestyle blog but I kinda like having a focus on here. With that in mind, I've set up another little blog called of zoe  - cause err thats my name ;)
I forgot how scary it is setting up a new blog. I hope to post a few personal posts over there - a little food (note - my attempts at cooking!), favourite reads and day trips. I've kicked it off with a post on one of my recent favourite Primark finds - a dupe of the famous Zara city bag - you can read it here if you fancy a look!
I'll still be posting on here daily. I have a tonne of posts already planned and hopefully something exciting for the blogiversary next month!


  1. I've often thought of creating a separate blog for other things but I think I would just find it a bit too much, might just keep everything in one place :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. I am so upset, I saw so many UK bloggers buy the city bag but the US version is awful and totally different! :( You are lucky!

  3. I saw these in Primark last nights - they have them in some fab colours too.


  4. Goddamnit, I just spent £60 on buying the new 'with zips' one! Will look for this later me thinks!

  5. Ooh this bag is pretty!

  6. I love the look of this bag I hope I can find it in my local store. I will be sure to follow your new blog.

    Emily xx

  7. I often think about creating a new blog too but I have instead started to try and post more personal posts and branched out into some OOTD posts and hauls. I definitely think it is a nice idea to blog about things other than beauty :) x

    1. yeah its good to mix it up x


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