New CID I-Prime Foundation Primer

Primers are not really something that are high up on my list. I've only used one or two before as I tend to just moisturise before applying foundation.
However, I've noticed lately that my foundation is starting to slide off by the end of the day - melting foundation ain't a good look! Enter, the New CID I-Prime Foundation Primer* - a product that's got me hooked!
The I-Prime Foundation Primer is a clear serum that feels makes skin feel silky smooth. It evens out my skintone, blurs pores and fine lines and gives a slightly radiant finish.The bottle twists up from the bottom to reveal a pump at the top. The pump dispenses a small amount of product - I generally use two or three pumps for my entire face. I've used this in combination with a few foundations and I've found it makes my base makeup last much longer and controls my oily t-zone too. I also think my skin looks much better in general with this primer as my base looks flawless. Overall, I'm really impressed. I can see this becoming a staple in my make up bag!


  1. I will have to bear this in mind...the next time I am on the hunt for a primer!

  2. I'm always looking for the perfect primer and this one sounds absolutely lovely! xx
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward

  3. I really need to invest in a new primer. I love Clarins beauty flash balm, but fancy a change! And your right there is nothing worse than your makeup sliding off your face at the end of the day!

  4. I'm on the hunt for a good primer and this sounds fab! I definitely need to check it out

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