Out with the Old...But Would I Repurchase?

I rarely seem to use products up that quickly. I don't know how..maybe I like to use every last drop (girls gotta get her moneys worth!).

This month I have a few products I've finally used up. Firstly, the Nip and Fab Shine Fix - a mattifying gel that can be used under or over makeup when needed. Though I used this as a primer before my foundation to control my oily t-zone. The texture feels light and fresh and I do find it helps to keep my oily skin under control to a certain extent. Would I Repurchase: No - Whilst I like it, it doesn't wow me. I'm also using the new cid primer (reviewed here) which I feel is better. If my skin get oily during the day, I blot with powder so I don't really feel much use for the shine fix.

Next up is the Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer - a primer with antibacterial properties to prep the skin and remove excess oil. Again, this is a light primer that feels non sticky, fresh and smooth. Would I Repurchase: Probably not. At first, I quite liked this primer but I do feel that there are better primers out there for example the new cid primer. It doesn't offer much oil control but its not a terrible option for drier skins.

Foundation wise, I've just finished MAC Matchmaster - a demi matte finish foundation that's lightweight, long wearing and easy to blend. Matchmaster has light to medium coverage and has good oil control so a good option for normal to oily skins. Would I Repurchase: Maybe. I like this foundation and its one of the better ones I've used but it reminds me of a slightly lighter version of Revlon Colorstay but with less oil control. Price wise, Matchmaster is £27, which is getting on for almost double the price of colorstay. If it was cheaper, I'd definitely repurchase but its so pricey for what it is.

Another foundation I've used up is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in shade 1.0. Double wear light is a light to medium coverage foundation that's oil free, long wearing and has a smooth finish. Would I Repurchase: Yes - This is one of my favourite bases as it covers imperfections without feeling heavy. The shade is slightly too dark for my skin but I try to make it work the best I can. Its expensive but it stays put on my skin all day and has a lovely fresh finish.

Powder is the product I use up most with the Seventeen Miracle Matte Loose Powder being a recent empty. This powder is oil free, light and keeps base makeup lasting longer. Would I Repurchase: Yes - This is one of the better loose powders on the high street. It does a great job of controlling oil, though it can look cakey if you use too much. However, its a great price and often on offer so good value for money!

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I don't think I've ever read a negative review about Double Wear, it's a must try so I simply must :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Really like this posts, and i also find quite hard to use up products.
    Tempted to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation xx

  3. I liked both of those primers but wasn't overly excited about them, might try the cid primer:) x


  4. Loved this post, I'm the same I cannot just get rid of a product until every last drop has been used hahaa! Was deliberating trying the estee lauder foundation so I think I will now give it a go! X

  5. Very interesting, thank you!


  6. I'm a big fan of the 17 Miracle Matte pressed powder too. But I must say that e.l.f HD loose powder is very mattifying and gives a better finish so that's my new favourite powder! Foundations and primers are so personal and tricky to get right, I too am a fan of the Revlon Colorstay and I tend to judge other foundations according to how well I think they compare to that one! xox

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

  7. Great post! Id really like to try the seventeen powder, it sounds lovely but I'm so messy it'll probably end up everywhere <3


  8. Ooh that seventeen loose matte powder sounds good! I used to use that Estee Lauder foundation years ago, but looking back the shade I had was too dark for me as well, but I liked it at the time :)

    Sophie x

  9. I definitely need to try the 17 powder it sounds right up my street!

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