Week in Beauty #5

This weeks beauty choices have been a mixed bag. A base product I've returned to using is Becca's Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation.
I've had this for a while but I've come back to it this past week. I think its a completely underrated foundation. It gives great coverage, evens out skintone and minimises pores, creates a radiant finish and does a decent job of controlling oil. Basically,it does everything I want it a foundation. The price tag is steep at £32 but I'll be repurchasing, albeit in a lighter shade as 'buff' is slightly too dark for my skintone.
I reviewed the Revlon Highlighting Palette in rose glow a few days ago (here) and its become a staple in my makeup bag. For daytime, I use it very lightly on the top of my cheekbones to add a little shimmer but it can be built up for a more intense glow for an evening look. Its a really good buy for £8.99.
Chunky lip pencils seem to be all the range at the moment. I picked up Rimmel's Colour Rush Balm in give me a cuddle in Feel Uniques January sale for just £2.99. I love the creamy texture and vanilla-ish scent. Pigmentation is good and it leaves a slight glossy finish. I don't think wear time is that great, as it starts to fade after around two hours but I don't find this shade drying. I'm not sure if the shade 'give me a cuddle' (a blue toned light pink) is the most flattering on my skintone but I'd like to pick up another shade in the range - they all look really wearable!
For skincare, I've been using the Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream*as my go to moisturiser. I really rate Organic Surge skincare anyway but this moisturiser is really hydrating without feeling greasy or heavy. My skin is on the dehydrated side at the moment due to the cold weather amongst other things but this night cream is helping to keep my skin balanced and soothed. I've also been using the No7 Soft and Soothed Gentle Toner a lot this week. Its so gentle and soothing on the skin, that its impossible not to love. Its such a bargain and again another underrated buy!

What products have you loved this week?

*press sample


  1. I've ran out of my beloved Lancome toner so i am looking into trying a new toner. My skin is quite sensitive so i think this No.7 one is suitable :) I will have to try it out soon~ This week i have been loving using my revlon matte balms because they are so pigmented and velvety~

    Thank you for sharing, i hope you have a lovely day! <3

    Ying ♥ || *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

    1. the matte balms are lovely x

  2. I got a sample of the BECCA Radiant foundation once. I liked it a lot x

  3. I'm keen to try some Becca, amongst other Space NK brands. But since there isn't one near me, it's such a risk to buy foundations online without trying them first! I'm off up to London for the weekend soon though, so will definitely be visiting.
    Mel xx


    1. I know what you mean, its definitely easier to get a match instore x

  4. The Revlon highlighting palette is super pretty! I also like the sound of the Rimmel lip pencils, haven't tried them yet x


  5. The Becca foundation sounds lovely, I must give it a go! Love that Revlon palette too x


  6. Really want to try some products from Becca!


  7. The revlon highlighter is so pretty! Id love to try the becca foundation <3

  8. I've never tried anything from Becca but lots of people love the products so I'd like to try them one day.

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  9. I love the No7 toner, I use it everyday!

  10. The Revlon highlighting palette looks so pretty! I bought some new No7 skincare this week that I'm really looking forward to trying out.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  11. Great products, I really want to try the Becca foundation! I love the Rimmel crayon, such a lovely vivid pink on me x

    Claire | AgentSmyth | Giveaway

  12. I have been loving the Revlon highlighter too, it's amazing for a drugstore product, I also love the Rimmel Rush Balm i've just done a review on it.


  13. Love the look of the Rimmel balm, what a bargain price too! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  14. I have the colour rush balm and I'm really not a fan, wear time is awful!

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  15. I picked up the No7 toner because for £3 (with a discount code, which they ALWAYS hand out) it was an utter bargain. I like it.. but I don't get the deal with toners. I know what they're for and what they do but.. I see absolutely no effect on my skin whatsoever. It's still a super lovely toner to have though.

    The Revlon highlighter looks so cheap to me.. especially the pink kind and it's a shame because I love products like this :((

  16. i love all my rimmel clour rush balm...they're amazing..super moisturising and love the stain it leaves


  17. I really want to try that Becca foundation, Becca products are becoming more and more popular and they sound lovely


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