Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio: Walking On Eggshells and Where To Find Them in The UK!

Some of my favourite beauty products happen to be bargain buys. I've been after the Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes for ages. I wish they were more readily available in the UK (I believe they're in Dunnes stores in Ireland) but I finally decided to track one down on ebay. 

I have the trio 'walking on eggshells' - a combination of ivory, mid brown and pale pink shades (frost finishes). Packaging wise, its nothing to write home about  - your standard plastic with two mini brushes, which I threw away as I never use them. Though, I do like how the shadows have a guide as where to apply them - great for makeup beginners!
The texture of the shadows is unbelievably smooth and soft. They blend beautifully and are really pigmented.


These last most of the day over a primer and don't crease. They do fade by the end of the day so I would probably opt for my MAC or Urban decay shadows over these if I have a long day. Then again for the price (I paid around £5 including shipping from this ebay seller) they are really good quality and I cant knock em.
Walking on eggshells is a really wearable trio and I've since picked up a few more palettes from Amazon.

I stumbled across a few palettes on Amazon UK - you can find them here and here from £2.55 with free delivery over £10 - a huge bargain!*

Edit - I've found more shades here, here, here and here


  1. This looks like a great little trio for someone who's just starting to experiment with eye shadows :) Looks perfect for travelling too! xx


  2. I have seen this palette so many times, finally you can order it to the UK.


  3. Amazing, they're so affordable too! These shades are really pretty too <3


  4. I've been wanting to try Wet n Wild eyeshadows for so long! This trio is lovely. At least I know where to find them now :-) Thanks xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty | Tiny Flutters - Mummy & Baby

  5. This is the perfect palette for me!

  6. Thank you! I've been after this for ages x

  7. These look lovely, let's hope they become more easily available here in the UK but for now thank you for those links.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  8. Thank you for the links! I have been wanting to try some wet n wild shadows for as long as I can remember!



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