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A while back in this ebay post, I mentioned buying a few makeup brushes. They arrived pretty quickly and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with them.
These brushes are just £2.55 for a set of four (here) are are unbranded with matte black handles. Each brush is slightly different so can be used for different purposes. There is a flat brush, rounded, angled and tapered.

The brushes remind me of the Sigma duo fibre brushes - the tapered brush is a smaller version of the sigma precision tapered brush. 
All four brushes feel sturdy and good quality. The brushes themselves are soft, fluffy and smooth without any shedding (they're synthetic too!). I've given them a wash with Dr Bronners soap and they washed well - most importantly they didn't fall apart which is what I was worried about before buying!

For me, these brushes work best for concealer, highlighting, blending and contouring. They're slightly on the larger side for my eyes but for base they are perfect. I use the flat one for buffing in concealer, the round one is great for blending either concealer or contour, the angled one works well for applying highlighter under the brows and the angled brush is ideal for concealing under the eyes and around the nose.
I'm really surprised by how well made these brushes are considering it works out at just over 60p each. Whether for a spare set, a makeup beginner, or for travelling - they're ideal to have. It's crazy just how cheap you can find certain items on ebay. These are delivered from China but they arrived in around 9 days to the UK which is pretty quick and they were well packaged. You can find them here.

Have you ever bought any brushes from Ebay?


  1. This look great! I need some more brushes as I'm always trying to work with different colours but they end up mixing :/ definitely need to buy these.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  2. I have always been worried about buying make up brushes off of eBay but after reading this review I will check them out!


  3. Ohh, they seem fab, I'm always a bit scared to buy from ebay but maybe i'll give these a go!

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  4. I've always wondered about Shany brushes on ebay - just to have on the side since they cost next to nothing. Has anyone ever tried them?

  5. I have these in white, they're amazing and blend out my concealer so perfectly! Definitely going to treat myself to the face brush set too.


  6. I Love this post! I'm so glad you recommended these brushes, I'm in need of new ones :)


  7. I'm definitely going to check these out!, such a bargain!x


  8. Wow love your blog! If you would like to see mine and follow me on Bloglovin I always follow back ;)



  9. I bought these brushes after contemplating it for a long time it for a long time. I shouldn't have had any doubts! They're great quality and really good for blending out concealer and for applying one colour of eyeshadow. I did find they can be a little big for blending but are fab for just a one colour sweep!xx


  10. I have these too! Perfect for concealer and they dry so quickly!
    These Days are Fast

  11. I love finding cheap brushes! I bought some from E.L.F recently which were really good.


  12. I've got these and they are fab.

  13. i've had a read (not creepily though) of all your ebay posts so far, because i was wanting to post about my ebay bargains but was unsure if it was frowned upon now i feel quite happy that its not and im feeling inspired to post about more and more things i love including ebay :)

  14. I've tried these and find their only use to be concealer, they don't pick up eyeshadow well enough to be used on the eyes, but considering they're so cheap you can't expect a lot!



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