Beauty Reward Cards

Loyalty/reward cards from beauty departments or stores are a great way to earn something back from shopping.
Sure, you have to spend to earn those points but a lot of stores off bonus points on a certain spend or have days when you can earn double or triple points on your card. Today, I thought I'd do a roundup of the main cards available and how you can earn and spend points on them.

Boots Advantage Card
With Boots advantage card you earn 4 points per pound that you spend. If you join the parenting club you get 10 points per pound for you spend on baby products. Over 60s get 10 points per pound spent on Boots branded products in store. 
There's regularly extra points deals instore/online and card holders often get sent coupons/offers for extra points (though I've only had one recently for the first time in about ten years). There's also extra points coupons at the advantage card machine and in the Boots magazine, which is free to pick up instore.
You can spend points on anything and theres no minimum amount required except that you must have enough points on your card to cover the purchase (one point = one penny so if you wanted to pay with your points for something priced £1.99 you would need 199 points on your card). You can spend your points both instore and online.
To my knowledge points only expire if your card hasnt been used for two years  - edit it states this in the terms & conditions of the card.

Top tip: A great way to earn extra points is to sign up to boots treat street which act as a cashback site when you shop online. You earn 1 points for every £1 spent at qualifying stores but you need to go through the treat street website to get your points.

Debenhams Beauty Club
Debenhams beauty card offers 3 points per £1 spent. Again theres lots of offers to get bonus points and you get free delivery online when you use your reward card. You can also get free samples, makeovers and a free birthday brow wax at participating stores when you show your reward card instore.
To spend points, you need at least 500 points which equals £5. points are then turned into rewards at every 500 points so 1500 points equals £15 to spend. You have six months to spend your reward before they expire and points are only converted into rewards once a month. Any points not converted are rolled over to the next month (rolled over points don't expire).
If your card isn't used for two years then the reward account will be closed.
Points can be spent online and instore and they need to cover the full amount of the item being purchased. So if you wish to spend points on an item priced £9.99 then you would need 1000 points on your card.

Top tip: I always shop when theres 10% off  - sometimes this will coincide with an extra points off to so its a great way to save and boost your points!

Space NK N.dulge Card 
N.dulge gives you 1 point for every pound spent. When you reach 100 points you get a £5 reward which can be spent instore and online. You also get complimentary samples, invitations to instore events and access to a customer care line.
If you spend £1000 or more in a year you get upgraded to N.dulge deluxe where you'll receive a £10 reward for every 100 points earned and double points on space nk spa treatments.
Once you've received a reward, you have 3 months to spend them until they expire. If you don't collect 100 points within 12 months they expire.
You can use your reward against the price of an item - if the item you want to buy costs £20 and you have a £5 reward on your card, you can deduct £5 from the price of the item.

Superdrug Beautycard
This isn't one I'm overly familiar with but a look online shows you earn 1 point for every £1 you spend with every 100 points = £1 reward.
Rewards can be used as part payment. Rewards cant be used to pay online.
You can also earn points at the perfume shop - a voucher will be issued which has to be scanned at superdrug in order for points to be added.
Points cant be added after you have paid so if you forget your card then these points will be lost.
If the beautycard hasn't been used in 12 months then the account will be closed - there doesn't seem to be an expiry date on points if the card is still be used.

Personally, I use my boots advantage card and debenhams card the most. I find it easier to build up points on Debenhams as I usually shop when the extra points offers are on so I've had quite a few products for 'free' using my beautycard to pay for them. I've had a boots card for years and its always handy to have as I'm always picking up bits and pieces. I'm terrible at saving up boots points though as its really easy to spend them. All of the reward schemes have pros and cons - I think it just depends where you shop most and how much you tend to spend in each store.

Whats your favourite beauty reward card?


  1. Boots is definitely my favourite reward card, I'm always racking up points on it!

  2. Love this post! My Space NK card is quite often filled with points for me to spend, but mainly because £100 goes so fast in that shop. Superdrug is the most disappointing I find, because £1 back for £100 spent is pretty tight. However, it is useful that you can put the money towards an item, whereas with Boots you have to have enough to buy the product outright I think? Great post x x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. I love my Boots pointscard...we're joined at the hip!!

  4. Boots has to be my favourite!

  5. Love my Superdrug & Boots beauty cards!x

  6. The only reward cards I have is Sephora and Ulta:) Love your blog Zoe!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  7. I use my Boots and House of Fraser cards the most, Boots for obvious reasons but House of Fraser because I have a branch next to my office so I'm always popping in there (it's handy for clothing purchases too!)


  8. Boots has to be my favourite, just because there are so many double/triple point offers!!xx

  9. I didn't realise how many points I had on my Boots card once and went to buy a new Bourjois foundation and they scanned my card and said "you have enough points to cover this", so I got a lovely new foundation for free! It was such a nice surprise and made my day. I'm never out of Boots so that's definitely my favourite.

  10. i'm over here in america and wish we had a boots! i need to stock up on all my favorite drugstore goodies!!

    xx, amanda.

  11. Great idea for a post - I'm always on the lookout for loyalty cards! I think Boots is my favourite too, as well as my Tesco Clubcard as I'm always picking up beauty products when we do our grocery shopping!

    Jenny xx


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