Hair Duo: Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two and The Detangler

Just like having oily skin, oily hair is a bind. Dry shampoo becomes your best friend and there is the constant battle to find a great shampoo that will keep your hair looking as clean as possible.
Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two* is a clarifying shampoo I've mentioned before. I've used many shampoos tailored towards oily roots and this one is truly one of the best I've used. Unlike others, its cleanses without drying the hair out. The combination of wheat derived conditioners within the formula makes it soothing yet gentle on the hair and scalp. My hair always feels/looks cleaner for longer when I use shampoo 2 and I think it would work well on other hair types too as a detox shampoo.
After every wash I use conditioner as the ends of my hair are fairly dry. I only use conditioner on the ends as I don't want to affect my roots. I've been using Paul Mitchell's The Detangler* as my regular conditioner. The detangler is a really creamy moisturiser with grape seed oil to smooth, soften and add shine. My hair can get a bit knotty after washing but I find after using this conditioner, any tangled hair can be combed through much more easily. I wouldn't use this conditioner if I needed a deep treatment as its feels very light but for everyday washing its ideal as it doesn't weight my hair down.

Have you tried any Paul Mitchell products?


  1. I also struggle with oily hair and am always on the hunt for a great shampoo (+ I rely on Batiste for the days in between washes). I love I love juicy shampoo from Lush - it's really creamy yet cleanses the hair beautifully. Even though I love it, I always like to try out others so now I've ordered Prive's daily shampoo and conditioner (they both seem to have wonderful ingredients). We'll see how they'll work for me... I'll probably end up trying this PM duo as well. :)

  2. I need a detangler as well. Thanks for sharing.
    xx, Michelle

  3. I stugglee with oily hair too, I will be sure to try it out. Great review.



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