Love Me Beauty Box | March 2014

The new Love me Beauty Box for March landed on my doorstep this morning and I've taken a few quick snaps so lets see whats inside this months offering.
Every month, Love Me Beauty offers three beauty boxes with a variation on products so you can choose the box which suits you best. Unlike a few other beauty box brands, you know exactly which items you're going to be receiving. Although this takes away the surprise element, you know what you're spending your money on and everyone gets offered the same three boxes.

This month, I chose menu 1* which contains the following:


Menu 1

Murad Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser with SPF15 7.5ml sample size (full size 50ml worth £64)
"Restore a youthful glow with this daily moisturiser to hydrate whilst protecting against harmful UV rays, minimising lines and creating a dewy glow"
I don't usually opt for a dewy look but I'm looking forward to giving this a go. I think it would also be good to mix with foundation for a lighter base.

Blanx White Shock Toothpaste 15ml sample size (full size 50ml worth £7.50)
"The only toothpaste in the world to contain ActiluX, a non-abrasive, peroxide free formula that remains active all day and reacts to light to whiten teeth naturally. The more you smile, the whiter your teeth will be"
I've used blanx before with decentish results for a toothpaste. This formula sounds good though I'm not really convinced by the reacting to light claim. I'm looking forward to giving it a try however.

Quintessentially English Bath Salts in English Rose 50g sample size (full size worth £4.25)
"These soothing bath salts are made with dead sea salt and pure essential oils. These scented bath scents have an evocative perfume of an English rose garden."
I'm not a fan of bath salts, though it does say these can be used as a body scrub as well. I'm not familiar with this brand but I cant say this product excites me all that much.

Nip & Fab CC Eye Fix in light full size (worth £9.99)
"A refreshing eye cream and concealer in one containing oat extract and light diffusing pigments to life and brighten the eye area."
I've had my eye on this for a while so I'm happy to see it in here. I feel the whole bb and cc thing is overdone but I cant wait to give this a whirl and hopefully it will make my dark circles look better.

Deep Steep Moisture Stick in lavender chamomile full size (worth £3.60)
"deep steeps top seller is formulated to melt on contact with heat from the skin. The moisture stick glides on easily and hydrates the driest of skin."
Deep Steep isn't a brand I've heard of but this moisture stick looks ideal for travelling or popping in your handbag. I suffer from dry skin on my feet, legs and elbows so I'm hoping this can work some magic.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company Flase Lashes in gracie full size (worth £6)
"These lashes are natural enough to wear throughout the day or to give extra definition at night. They are super easy to apply and can be used again and again"
The vintage cosmetics company are a cute brand and these lashes look really light and perfect for wearing in the day. 

March's menu 1 box is worth around £35. Overall, its a decent box with a good variety of items. Saying that, I'm not as impressed with the contents as previous boxes as Love Me Beauty have set a really high standard in the past. Obviously, that's partly due to my personal preferences as products like bath salts, toothpaste and false lashes don't really excite me that much. There are still three full size products in here and three deluxe sample sizes which is good value for £10 plus postage. If you're thinking of subscribing you can find more info here.


  1. This looks like a great box! I'd love to try the Murad moisturiser especially.

    Catherine, xo // LLV Blog

  2. I love bath salts but at the moment my house doesn't have a bath so that wouldn't help me much.
    xx, Michelle

  3. I really need to look into a Beauty Box, this one looks great but a little expensive.


  4. Love the sound of the CC eye cream, I have just written review on Bourjois CC cream over on my blog. I received a pair of the vintage cosmetics tweezers in a glossy box a couple of months back and they are the worst pair of tweezers I’ve ever owned, so would love to hear what the lashes are like!


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