MAC Maleficent Collection 2014

You know when a collection has major potential and then it turns out to be a let down.Yeah, thats how I'm feeling about this one.
There was so much that could have been done with this and it seems to fall a bit flat. A quad with permanent shades? Surely MAC could have come up with a few new ones no? The full colour story is below. Fingers crossed the summer collection is better.

True Loves Kiss

Pro Longwear Lipglass

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil
Kiss Me Quick

Beauty Powder

Sculpting Powder

Eye Palette
Ground Brown, Concrete, Carbon, Goldmine

Nail Lacquer
Nocturnelle, Flaming Rose, Uninvited

Prep+Prime Highlighter
Bright Forecast

Eyebrow Pencil

Penultimate Eyeliner

36, 30


  1. So disappointed with this collection! I was also expecting it to be amazing as it has so much potential! Hopefully there will be better collection to come in Summer x

  2. I think the Venomous Villians collection, featuring Maleficent, was loads better! The packaging was more iconic too. x

    1. I agree, Venomous Villains was brilliant! I was hoping for more purples and greens to be honest.

  3. I love the packaging but none of the products have really catch my eye.


  4. Hmm... I was hoping purple and green eyeshadows, maybe a duochrome nail polish or something. I agree with what you wrote, hopefully they'll release more 'special' products this summer!

  5. The lipstick, palette and nude nail polish look gorgeous! :)

  6. stop the palette is too perfect! i need it!

  7. Hmm I can't make my mind up here on this collection. I don't think it is too bad but that is because I own none of these products in any form, the palette seems ok but I would never use that yellow shade. It's a shame that for big fans of MAC there are no limited edition shades.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  8. Not overwhelmed with this collection. I will still pop in and swatch a few things but I'm not that excited

  9. that is a really disappointing :( I was really hoping for lots of purples and greens!

    Catherine x

  10. I wanted it just because of it being Disney but I wouldn't have been able to get a hold of it in Norway anyway. I do wish MAC could get a little more creative with their collections though, the colors are a bit boring, I feel like I see the same things being used in different collections.

    I love your post, but I do wish that you would have gone a little more in depth with the different products.

  11. The packaging is nice but the products seem rather 'samey'!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  12. The nail polish shades are pretty :]

    NK |

  13. I need everything from this collection!

  14. The only thing catching my eye is the nude nail polish and the lipstick. Probably the only two things I will be getting.

  15. I know exactly how you feel! There's no purple! How can that be? I will probably pick that red lipstick just because though.

  16. Not sure about this collection, which is a shame really!

  17. Anonymous22.3.14

    Wow, this collection is actually NOT GOOD. Purple, people! I was expecting purple cause MAC is not generous about permanent purple stuff. So I always have to wait for new collections to get them. I hate seeing lipsticks, blushes I adore as LE. Ugh..

  18. I must admit the lipsticks look beautiful, okay the quad isn't great but I don't think that makes the whole collection a disappointment? Just my opinion. But I do agree with the eyeshadow palette, it looks more like a brow palette with a golden toned highlight shade!

    Great blog.


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