Why I Love TK Maxx...

As a lover of beauty bargains, one of my favourite places to shop is TK Maxx or TJ Maxx as its known overseas. I've been lucky enough to find some real gems in there.
Its handy that I live near two TK Maxx stores - both have great beauty sections. The real buzz for me is that you just never know what you're going to find. I tend to go every two weeks to a month as the stock changes regularly. Last weekend, I stumbled across the he-shi one day tan, which is a tinted bronzing gel that washes off. I'd seen Lisa Eldridge mention this product in one of her videos and I made a note to buy it for this summer. It retails for around £15 and I found it in store for just £4 - I almost did a happy dance in the aisles!Such a massive saving. They also had the he-shi body exfoliator and moisturiser but I skipped those.
A few weeks back,I found the Una Brennan superfacialist neroli firming lift and hydrate facial oil - a pre cleanse oil that retails in Boots for £14.99. I bought this for £7.99 which is almost 50% off and again I had this on my to buy list as I love una brennan skincare. 
The best place to look for the 'super' bargains is the clearance section/stand. Here products will be marked down with yellow labels and are generally at least 70% off. My best spots have been Dr bronners rose magic soap for just £1 (retails for £5.49), New CID cosmetics cream shadow for £2 (retails for £14.50) and Phyto Phytokeratine reparative serum for damaged hair ends for £5 (though I did see it reduced to £3 in another store- retails for £17). I've also picked up three Deborah Lipmann nail polishes for just £8, which retail for around £14 each).
I think TK Maxx is a great place for beauty lovers as many shoppers may not have heard of the brands available so a lot of bargains get left on the shelf. If you have a store nearby, I would definitely have a look as you never know what savings you might find!

*This isnt a sponsored post - I just happen to love this shop & its prices! *


  1. My beauty section at TKMaxx is craaappp! I've never found anything and its also slightly out of the main town so I always forget to go there! Good for clothing bargains though.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. What a fab set of bargains! I LOVE tk maxx!


  3. Thats amazing, I seen the Emma Hardie moringa balm for £24.99 last week in TK Maxx! Check out the sale stand in John Lewis too, when people return unopened make up that they bought online they reduce it rather than send it back. I managed to get a Nars blusher for £15 a while ago and a Laura Mercier bronzer for £10! haha love a bargin

    Caitlin xo


  4. Ooh, you got some great buys! The beauty section at the TK Maxx near me is rubbish :(

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  5. I never go into TKMaxx and never even thought about the beauty section! Must pop in next time I pass a store! X
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com

  6. I keep trying to find bargains in tkmaxx, but I never do! you got some great bargains!

    Catherine x


  7. TK Maxx is an Aladdin's Cave for beauty bargains. I love browsing the shelves looking for gems. I picked up some Murad Skincare for £8. I have never seen any Una Brennan in my local shop but I will be keeping any eye out for some

  8. The only thing there ever is in my TK Maxx is battered gift sets left over from christmas, I live in the wrong place!


  9. Bargains! I love TK-Maxx I found Murad skincare in there just before Christmas for £10 I was amazed! xx


  10. You got great things, my TK Maxx is a bit hit and miss, sometimes you can get a few good makeup bits, we actually have a lot of eco tools brushes at the moment.

  11. I love TJ Maxx! I'm going to have to go there soon and buy some new products and shoes!


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