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Primers used to be a product I never understood. Back in the day, I would splash my face with cold water in a morning and then apply my makeup. Since my beauty blogging days started, I've become more interested in a morning skincare routine, followed by a primer.
Using a primer can really make a difference to how your makeup sits and lasts. When it comes to prepping my face for makeup, I have three products currently in rotation.

Best for flaws/fine lines
Monu's skin perfector* is a light, weightless cream that minimises fine lines and smooths the complexion. Monu is a skincare brand made with natural ingredients - the skin perfector includes neroli essential oils to give the skin an energising boost and multi vitamins and minerals to keep the complexion looking fresh all day long. It glides over the complexion, blurring any imperfections and leaves an almost velvet like finish. It helps to minimise my pores and fine lines, yet still makes my skin feel hydrated. The formula is silicone free so its ideal for anyone who finds silicones break their skin out. An all round good primer for anyone with imperfections.

Best for Oily Skin
New Cid Cosmetics I-prime* is my go-to on really oily days. This clear, light serum evens out the skin, blurs imperfections and controls oil to keep foundation lasting all day. It also helps to blur imperfections and create a flawless canvas. It contains shea butter and vitamin e to moisturise and it does so without feeling sticky or tacky. Definitely a good primer for anyone with oily or combination skin.

Best Day Cream
The past few weeks I've been using the Claudia Louch Hydrating Mango Face Cream* - Claudia Louch is a new brand to enter the skincare market with 94% natural ingredients that are non-comedogenic, free from fragrances and chemicals including sls and parabens. The hydrating mango face cream contains properties of hyaluronic acid to plump, five hydrating oils and shea butter to soothe, hydrate and increase skin elasticity. This is one of the best day creams I've used due to the lightweight formula and velvety finish. As it sinks in quickly it doubles as a primer - it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, even and firm. I think it would work on most skin types expect maybe extremely dry.

What primer/s do you use and rate?


  1. My skin always breaks out no matter what face primer I use! :(

  2. Nice beauty products!


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