Five Ways To Feel More Positive!


So, I originally posted this on my lifestyle blog but I've decided to close that blog as my heart just wasn't in it. You know when you quickly lose passion for something - yeah that's how I felt about that. Maybe I was spreading myself too thin but I can use some of the content over here so its all good!
Positivity is something I struggle with. I would love to be a glass half full kinda gal but in reality I have an ongoing battle with depression so the ups come with the downs. Then again, I guess few people are positive 100% of the time. However, I totally believe that your perception on things can really change the way the way you live your life and your overall outlook. I have a few things that I do when self doubt starts to creep in and I've found these can  really change your mood for the better.

1. Exercise
Exercise is well known for boosting your mood but obviously not everyone has the time or funds to go the the gym. Personally, I love walking - its a really underrated form of exercise and of course its completely free to do. I try to go out walking several times a week - I always feel refreshed and my head feels much clearer afterwards. Now the weather is improving its the perfect time of year to get outside!

2. Be Organised
If things are starting to get a little on top of me, I start making lists. Its a great way to stay organised and prioritise certain commitments. I like to keep several notebooks around in which I can keep track of 'life' things - I also make check lists so I know which tasks need to be completed and when. Staying organised just makes everything that much easier and helps you stay focused and positive.

3. Set Small Goals
Achieving a personal goal is a great mood booster. Short term goals are much easier to achieve than something that is mainly out of reach. I could set myself a goal of becoming a millionaire but its highly unlikely to happen. Instead, if I wanted to be financially better off, I could choose smaller goals, such as saving £10 a month or giving myself a monthly spending budget. Creating a few small goals also gives you something to aim for and a chance to reflect on your progress.

4. Do something you love
Whether its spending time with a loved one, family or friends, taking some time out can really help you to feel better. Maybe organise a day trip, a meal at a pub or a quick trip to the park. Listening to music, reading a good book or spending time on a hobby can instantly perk you up.

5. Do something for others 
This doesn't have to be money orientated but doing something like donating clothes/household goods to a local charity shop, running an errand for someone or volunteering can help you to feel better. Don't have any spare time?Even complimenting someone and using good manners can make you feel good about yourself.


  1. Exercise and being organised and too things that bring me down if I'm not on track with them! Some times I find it so hard to get out the door to go for a walk or run but you just have to do it haha!! xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  2. Really great tips! I also love walking and try to walk an hour every day if possible. And I'm a compulsive list-maker haha it does help to clear my head! Great post :)

  3. Staying organised really improves my mood as well, there's just something about having everything planned out!

  4. I always have a positive attitude towards life but I do have friends who struggle with that feeling and I always feel like it's o good when I can make them see the other side of any problem. We are only here once, we need to enjoy it and worry less :)


  5. This is a great post! I think it's so easy to get bogged down with things sometimes it's important to remember to take time for yourself.

  6. i love the organising one really puts me off if i delay things to do.

  7. Great tips, I find that organising helps me too a lot. Recently I also started writing a journal and I have to say that it's also a great way to be more positive :)

  8. Such good advise, I always try to have a little walk when I need some time and space. the fresh air and the exercise always make me feel better.
    I also find when I'm organised my stress levels are much lower.
    Great post xxx

  9. I had battled depression for many years and I had been given an amazing bit of advice from a friend during a very rough patch. She told me to find something you love and do it without fail, everyday. I thought about it and realized the thing I really loved was doing my makeup : ) I put my all into it everyday and something so superficial became my saving grace. Point is, I think finding that passion and implementing it on a daily basis gives a bit of stability when times are rough.

  10. Being mindful really works for me. I really work hard on reminding myself to be positive even if sometimes my gut reaction is a negative one to something. And smiling helps too! x

  11. Love this thinking positive is key!!

  12. I always find fresh air and exercise does the trick! :) It's important to remind people of these little things so thank you! Alexandra, x

  13. Good list, gonna jot this done to remember!! ☺

    Susy | Tie dye Disaster


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