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One piece of advice that always comes up for bloggers is to be original. Making yourself stand out in a world of thousands of bloggers is tough going.
Writing a beauty blog, I find it really hard at times to come up with something that's original. More times than not, you're not going to be able to write something that's completely unique. In the beauty world, there are already tonnes of reviews out there. Unless you have a completely new product, theres no doubt that a product you're writing about has already been talked about before.
Two years into blogging and I still feel like I'm trying to find a niche. Personally, I try to keep review posts on here to a minimum as I find it quite difficult to write about just one product. I try to incorporate several products into a post, such as my recent post on concealers. So I guess the first point I'm trying to make is to be happy about your content.

Write about something that you're passionate and enthusiastic about, rather than writing what you think you should write. I find with beauty blogging, its much harder to put your own spin on something rather than if you're blogging about fashion or lifestyle. If you write under the fashion/lifestyle umbrella, its a little easier to be original as you have your own individual style or your writing about your day or what you've been up to. Its a little bit harder with beauty as you're reviewing products and you don't always get your personality across. Obviously, if you have a youtube channel, you can put yourself across but in writing you're pretty limited. That's why I think playing to your strengths can really help to develop your originality in blogging. Whether its being good at photography, applying makeup, nail art - showing off something you're great at can really help you bring something to the table. Saying that, you may have an interest that you want to develop your skills in. I'm always trying to improve on my photography, some of my blog photos I look at and cringe as they are so bad but photography is something I'm interested in learning more about. Making a series out of learning a new skill, be it makeup application, making your own skincare etc could be a great way to write about a passion and allow you to be more creative - which brings me nicely to my next point.

I've mentioned before that if you're stuck for something to blog about then try and think outside the box. Again, not always easy to do especially if you're having a blogging block but writing about something different can allow your individuality to shine through. Even if your blog is beauty or fashion focused, don't be afraid to try out other things. Sometimes I do think that blogging is becoming stale - seeing endless reviews of the same products or similar fashion looks and then a post will pop up on my dashboard and I'll think wow this is amazing - more often than not it will be something different to what everyone else is doing. So in a very longwinded way, I'm trying to say that its ok not to follow the crowd.

One final thing I'm going to mention is social media. You can definitely put more of your personality into your social media accounts though if you link your blog to your social media be careful about what you're saying as you're essentially presenting an impression of your blog. I'll admit that if I've seen tweets from a blogger that don't come across well it does make me consider whether I want to read their blog. That sounds quite harsh but first impressions can sometimes have an impact.

Clearly, I'm no expert on blogging and I'm still figuring out how to my own stamp on things but I thought this post would be an interesting topic. I think its really interesting how blogging has evolved over the past few years - everyone has their own influences and perspectives on things, which is what makes blogs so interesting to read. I've waffled on far too much but I would love to know what you think makes a blog unique - do you have tips or any suggestions on being original and keeping things fresh?


  1. Great post, it can be hard to stand out with so, so many beauty blogs out there but you just have to focus on your own content and make it fun for you and then hope it's fun for the reader!

  2. Those are some great tips that I really learned something from :)

  3. I love your tips! I just started a blog, but I do hate reading the same things over and over again. I think having your own voice in your posts is really important too. :)


  4. I really like just talking about myself, sounds conceded, but it helps the reader get to know the blogger :D I also like using emoticons like ^_^, >.<, :D, and >:(. It really helps create a visual of what the blogger's face is when they talk about something. I loved the post ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  5. A great post x I will definitely take these suggestions with me when I blog


  6. This is a great post! thanks! I totally agree about the cringe-worthy photos thing. haha. There have been so many blogs that I have visited and the content is great, but the photos are underexposed, overexposed or fill in the blank. I believe in making your pics high-quality or no pics at all.

    1. I think photos can make a difference - it shouldnt but nice clear photos will draw people in :)

  7. I agree with so much of this, I've been blogging for a number of months now and I hear what you are saying about finding your niche and being unique - it is hard in such a big world of beauty bloggers!


  8. Great post! I also love the photography side of blogging and wish I could get better at it! I try to write as I would speak in reviews etc as I think that can put more personality into posts!


  9. Great advice ! Keeping things original and new is sometimes a challenge when it comes to blogging, but it's also what I like about it !

  10. This is something I think about constantly, especially as I'm a new blogger amongst many in the same . I think the way you write is really important - trying to portray your personality through your words, trying to connect with readers. A bit of humour too, but that may just be a personal preference.

  11. This was very informative. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to talk about something because everyone else has already talked about it, but then I realize, just because some bloggers are bigger than I am, doesn't mean that some of my readers have even heard of them or have even read anything about the topic at hand. My little bit of advice for those who are new bloggers, like myself is to just have fun and write about what you want to write about. When you write to have fun, it shows and that's what keeps people coming back for more. HUGS

  12. Great post some amazing advice :)

  13. Awesome post ! very useful :)


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